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  1. Laurin, I'll give you twenty bucks for all, plus 1.2% of all future earnings. That's my final offer. Sorry, I just haven't been around in a while and thought you needed to be harassed a bit.
  2. Laurin! I haven't been here in forever. Good to see ya! Man, the whole forum setup has changed. I'll have to get used to it. Good to see you and David are still hanging out here.
  3. You're welcome. The best part of the book is that he encourages you to smoke while you're reading the book. ha.
  4. Laurin, the first thing to remember is that it's NOT hard to quit. We past smokers have been programmed our entire lives to believe that quitting smoking is extremely difficult. It's not. Allen Carr had some very good points in his book. There's also a lot of BS about quitting smoking being harder than quitting various hard drugs. BS! Do you have to get up in the middle of the night to have a smoke because you've got severe withdrawal symptoms while you sleep? No, probably not. If you were addicted to certain drugs, you WOULD have that problem. If you can go 8 hours while you sleep, why can't
  5. Personally, I don't like the harsh lighting. I would suggest using a softbox or something to diffuse your light a bit so you have softer-edged shadows.
  6. I would throw in a back light to give a little rim around the tops of the balls. Otherwise, looks good.
  7. Thanks, Dave. I escape now and again. Usually they catch me pretty soon and take me back in that silly white jacket with the really long sleeves.
  8. It's pretty simple. The OBVIOUS answer is "amorphous blackish-grayish mass".
  9. Thank you. I pop in and read the forums from time to time but don't post much anymore. Good to see a lot of the old familiars are still here. Hope you're doing well.
  10. Lily, nice to meet you. I love you already. Ha ha. No, I'm not really begging for money, just teasing some old friends. On the other hand, if you happen to be filthy rich and want to send some, well.......
  11. Rudy!!! I knew I'd offend someone by forgetting to mention them by name. No offense intended. Of course, you're more than welcome to donate to the cause as well. In fact, your donation would mean more to me than anyone's. Hope things are still sunny down there.
  12. I can even see the headlines on the news tomorrow: "Pharm Appears on Shutterstock Forum Unexpectedly, Delighting Both of His Fans"
  13. I think my mere presence must have sent a shock wave through the SS system. You may bow and kiss my feet now.
  14. C'mon, Dave. Food photography is simple. You plop it on the plate, turn on the on-camera flash, set your ISO to 2500 and shoot. I do it all the time. I have many award-winning food shots and all the other stock sites accept them. Focus isn't that critical either. As long as you can kind of tell it's a hamburger, that's all that matters. I make tens of dollars every decade with my food shots. Don't try to scare people away so you can get all the glory. Hope you're doing well. I don't get on here much any more (burnout). I have to come back every once in a while though just to harass the ot
  15. Hey guys. Just wanted you to know I'm still alive and wanting to buy a new toy. I need a really nice quadcopter and HD camera with a gimbal. If any of you are willing to donate vast sums of moola for the cause, I'm willing to accept it graciously. Just send it to my Paypal account and I'll gladly mention your names to my friends at the local "Let's See Who We Can Scam Out of Some Money For Our Own Selfish Wants" club. $500 - $1000 from each of you ought to cover it. Thanks.
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