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  1. My overall sales are pretty normal, we are moving into summer anyway.
  2. Hi Wilm, great to see you here again! And thank you for the info. I read a few days ago that the 34 cents video clips do not mean the customer gets the 4k file, it is a limited use within a design. So I turned videos back on, later photos. But that lead to my account being disabled. Turning off was ok, turning back on was not. Anyway, we will see what happens, I think in a few weeks or months, latest after the exodus after the January reset, maybe they will consider talking to the contributors again and looking for a solution that allows a longterm win win for all sides, including the producers. I will keep following here, while I upload elsewhere. The demand for photos, but even more for videos is very strong, there is so much content missing on all marketplaces. If the rumours that Adobe is considering an exclusive option are true, a lot of content will just stay there. Artists just want a reliable work environment. SS provided that for many years and many people only uploaded here, even though the content is non exclusive. But I guess SS is focussing on the mix of stock factories combined with newbie amateur content. It probably gives them the best returns. And those who do stock as a hobby with their smartphones, will probably not mind the January reset, they will just see it as fun kind of computer game, I suppose. Maybe they are right, who knows? Perhaps exploring the world mostly for editorial or simple walk around photos and then upload high volume without processing is indeed the most economical thing to do. No investment in time, equipment, training needed. Lifestyle model shoots for the stock factories, iphone uploads for everyone else. The most enthusiastic commenters here were high volume producers with huge editorial ports over 100 000 images. So, we will see. For now this is like a new company with a very, very different approach to the stock market.
  3. I haven‘t uploaded since the announcement and turned of both photo and video at different times to send a message of discontent like thousands of others. However, I make my own decisions. I have activated video to collect my own data. I will also do the same for photos. There is no hurry, I believe the market will sort itself out. There are contributors with large editorial or walk around ports that seem to be doing fine. So maybe that is the direction SS wants to go, a few „stock factory“ contributors that supply high quality content in large volume and lots of amateur or editorial shooters, that upload everything from their mobile phone. Probably the stock factories are unaffected by the changes anyway, because they can negotiate their own rate cards. So maybe that is the grand plan, who knows? Attract millions of new contributors with mobile phones? That literally document the world around them as a live stream? The part timers, that invest time and or money in their production will gradually drift to other places like Adobe. Or maybe send their content to exclusive agencies. Perhaps we will see a rise of smaller, boutique production houses again. In the end, the money will always decide. Producers will only upload the type of content that makes them money. And January with the reset will be interesting. But maybe by then SS will change the rate card to a rolling 12 month average, so that amateur and pros do not start out at the same level. People that work hard and really achieve the 40%, should not drop to 15% on January 1st. It does not make for a very happy New Year.
  4. Maybe if you do very high volume editorial or walk around snapshots with your phone. No carefully planned shootings, no expenses for models, make up, location fees. No post processing. Just point, click and upload in high volume. I think then it might be profitable. Basically Shutterstock changed their business model completly. Especially with the yearly reset, there isn‘t much incentive to invest in shootings. If you look at forum comments, those most positive are people with very, very large editorial ports or literally walk around snapshots ports. Personally I am going to wait to see what happens in the next months, while I focus uploading elsewhere. If the yearly reset stays and the rate card is not improved, then I think Shutterstock might be my editorial port, maybe with a few older files or outtakes mixed in. And for that it might actually work, while the work that is expensive to produce or simply needs a lot of post processing will go to other agencies. But my main attention and also recommendation to customers will be the agencies that give a much better return.
  5. Sorry, artists have many options to sell on the internet. Slave child workers in factories don‘t. I dislike the new rate card just like anyone else, but I see no relationship to slavery at all. Nobody is putting a gun to your head or forcing you to upload here. Some artists made the mistake of only uploading to SS even though the content is non exclusive, they will now have to aggressively to diversify elsewhere. But we have choices, slaves do not.
  6. I completly disagree with that whole „strikebreaker“ accusation. Our peers are adults who are free to make their own decisions, please don‘t try to divide us or to create a backlash within the artists community. Many are struggling really hard to feed their families in the pandemic, who are you to decide how they should live their lives? I am sure anyone who agrees with us and wants SS to come up with a better solution, will do what they can. Simply focussing on other agencies and not uploading here for a while can make a huge difference. Losing 30-50% of the upload streams and especially the quality uploads, is extremly embarrassing for SS. I am sure they didn‘t expect that. Anybody looking at the latest uploads, can see something is seriously wrong.
  7. I remember SS used to take 2.2.-2.6 million files a week. Before the announcement I think it was around 1.8 million. Now it has dropped to 950 000 and continues to go down. And if you look at the newest uploads it is mostly very low quality content, snapshots, newbies, some editorial, very, very little is high quality or original. It is obvious that the new earnings structure is absolutely not motivating the quality producers to upload here. The hamsterwheel workplace with yearly reset to zero...it just devalues everything. Trends in media change very quickly. A company that cannot show great new content every week will age fast, no matter how many millions of old files they have. But of course even if they disabled all uploads, the company could still cruise along on autopilot for quite a while. Who needs good quality fresh new content if you have 300 millions files, right? With every new monthly payout, the quality uploads will go down and then in February 2021 after the reset... Anyway...maybe one day the management will come up with a better plan with longterm vision. They are simply making it too easy for Adobe.
  8. I actually think that for somebody who uploads ultra high volume with absolutely minimal costs, the new structure really works. There is also some other person berating us for leaving, but he also just has 20 000 files of walk around low quality snap shots. They should just have the grace to leave us alone. After all, if we turn off ports, they have less competition and can sell much more If anyone in management thinks these posters can convince one single person to start uploading again, they have absolutely no clue how a highly specialized plattform for digital media works. All these agencies were started as exchanges for graphic designers and media producers, to swap content easily for their day job client work. And even after 15 years the active buyer/producer base is very small. „Normal people“ don‘t source from stock sites, they steal from the internet or go to free sites. It is the buyer/producer community of maybe 30-80 000 really active people worldwide, that decides together which platform to support. And a company where the managers go into hiding and are completly incapable of real life online communication...what kind of a future does such a place hold? I still love the SS interface and app, but I have to be convinced that HQ understands the media market. Insulting the loyal producers with this silly hamster wheel strategy is a direct attack on the buyers. This is not ebay or facebook or any other plattform for the general public. Only highly trained people with experience understand the needs of the customers will be able to generate the really needed content. And they are leaving in droves. So...back to uploading elsewhere, while waiting with little confidence for an improvement from Shutterstock.
  9. Jose, seriously, why not take a break. People here have enough brains to make their own decisions. If they want to upload elsewhere or turn off files here, why do you care? Nobody will start uploading again about whatever you post or write. You can annoy but you cannot influence anyone. I understand that as an editorial photographer it all works for you, because your running costs are minimal. But other artists invest heavily in their production. So their math is not yours. Please step aside and allow those affected to talk in peace.
  10. Expectation: https://www.shutterstock.com/explore/the-shot-list?campaign_ID=shutters.23808045&customer_ID=&launch_ID=21210845&utm_source=sstkemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Shutterstock_Contributor_Newsletter_Shotlist-EMB-Template Reality: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/search?rid=66216&sort=newest&image_type=photo
  11. I made some very good money in 2013 with sstk. But the last 4 years the stock is trending drastically down and now with this stunt?? Somewhere an artist suggested the best way to make money now with SS is to short the stock... Personally I really wouldn't touch it, the chart is depressing and then there is Adobe...
  12. Or...I just upload elsewhere, where I can make a lot more money. Then me and thousands of others invite the customers there. Work smarter, not harder. The "Hamster in the Wheel" life is only good for the Shutterstock owners, not for us. The internet is huge, agencies come and go. SS wrote their own ticket. It was fun, but nothing lasts forever.
  13. Jose, you really are a special wave of sunshine. I am sure now that now that you have looked down on all the little people, that will make them truly appreciate Shutterstock and they will be rushing outdoors with their cameras hunting those elusive 10 cent sales. Shutterstock will be pleased, finally someone who can motivate the ungrateful ones to work,work,work.
  14. It takes 72 hours for ports to disappear. So please do not question his commitment, that is a real sacrifice. I do believe artists have to make their own decisions. I have deactivated video, I have stopped uploading, but my little photo port is still on, because I am collecting data for June. But my upload attention is elsewhere. I no longer have the hope that SS comes to their senses, I watched the empty buzzword CEO presentation on youtube. If they hire someone with no inroads or connections in then media industry and no base understanding how his own company works, there really is no future, this business will gradually decline and become the next depositphotos.
  15. Or the many facebook groups. Keeping this thread open, is the only smart thing they did. They were probably hoping contributors would slowly change their minds as the results from June roll in. But apparently it is the top contributors that are leaving first.
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