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  1. Hi guys can somebody explain properly, the licensing available....sometimes is so convoluted. Recently I got a call from a media agency in town asking me to provide a MR for a model what came to their offices and start making noise. I asked them for the license as I had no clue who they are. The license was from SS but not for an media agency,instead was for a single person, and they license the photo to a government agency. I told them , hey you are a media agency with 20 employees , license that photo to the government, but you bought it as a a single user. That does not sound
  2. Peace, the guy was asking for alternatives and............ boom a referral link to a failing microstock site with extremely low sales. Absolutely, if you want to praise a stock site and advertise them make a new post and say so. Advertising on a post of a chap during the ShutterPandemic is kind of creepy .
  3. Yep I was there as a trial for 1 year, and is crap. Anyway she is not suppose to put referral links . on a time like this with SS, is a bit idiotic.
  4. The guy asked for a honest opinion, may I know why you troll his post with referral links where you get a commission to a crap site as YAY ?
  5. It must be something wrong with this calculations, until recently I had about 2200 images, I upload about 250 recently, and on top performers/100 page I have 22 pages, that means I have 100% sold....something is wrong with this stats,
  6. Canon A1 canon 20D Canon 5D Mark II CAnon 1DS Mark III Got plenty of glass for it so I stick with Canon,but I see a lot of Nikon users
  7. What a flip the americans get low on tax revenue and now they try to make the whole world pay? On this IRS thing is not something like TAX above a certain limit ??? For example I make with SS $3-500 month. Round let's say $5000 a year, to my knowledge people in US under certain level of earnings do not pay the bloody taxes. What is next they will tax the buyers also because they purchase from an American company? The images are not even produced on US soil so is not like I am wasting US resources to produce them and use their infrastructure and I need to pay them taxes. This is a typical
  8. somebody mentioned 15 minutes to process a photo. Well this is damn fast any cutout on a white background takes me 30 minutes so his maths doesn't work for me. Sales went down also for me 20-30% maybe, like for everybody but anyway, at my crappy sales on SS few hundred bucks down doesn't really make a difference in my "quality of life". If I look overall ...is another story soon I will be in deep "caca del toro". Somebody mentioned the "niche" market...well recently I shoot bushman in deep Kalahari Central I do not think many "stockaholics" get there specially because of the high fees invol
  9. probably 10-12. 6 upload regularly. SS usually second but sometimes raise up on first. DT will remain my first "love" also with the highest pay/photo.
  10. what a heck I am the only one paying something :-) first session 6USD/hour. second session 8USD/hour. if they good or call for assignment 10USD/hour. Well these are Botswana prices. I do not do TFCD much because I want the models to do what I tell them to do, not whatever fashion crap they have in their head always.
  11. how much you pay your models ? How do you pay them per hour per day??
  12. ADSL +100USD for 384/128 kbps, cap limit at 3GB after $34 for every extra GB, I forgot how much extra for an additional email, if I remember well an extra $75/month if you want a fixed IP. In reality goes half that speed most of the time.
  13. First of all what a shoot is BME????? My June sucked big time , first in a long time when I go under $500, no idea why, same uploads as usually, nothing crashed on SS.
  14. Recently I get a property/ artist release form from the owner for a clothing brand. Togethr with the pictures I upload the PR form as well the MR form. SS rejected the files on the grounds of copyright infringement. If the creator of the brand sign you a PR form to use the images,from a copyright point of view looks all right to me . Who had similar experience and what was the outcome. Good light to everybody. Lucian
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