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  1. Done I'm out, no way I will sell my work for a dime....NFW!
  2. my first $0.10 image, level 4...what a joke, Bye, Bye SS.
  3. This new plan is bullshit and we all know it. It's just design to make SS more profitable to impress stockholders and boost bonuses for CEO, COO, CFO and other officers. Nothing more. Typical corporate greed. There is a little chance this plan will be abolished, however if we can't overturned maybe we should pressure SS to make one change to it... instead of resetting every 1st of January, which is beyond ridicules, what about measure sales for last 12 months every month.? This is the only fair way. So if your sales for last 12 months are below 100 you continue to make 10C per image but if your images sale well you keep your level. You can go down, you can go up but this way people who are really great producers can still be compensated in a fair way. On top of that it may discourage garbage uploaders who right now dominate here.... Overall SS should have the same financial goal achieved or maybe outcome will be even better. Quality of the content may improve this way dramatically
  4. shame on you SS, we should all remove our work immediately..
  5. The bottom of the problem is how SS and Jon! treats the contributors... few years ago this site was the hottest stock site. I remember Jon used to talk with us "the old" guys almost on daily basis but then..... the "$$$" took over. Overall can't complain. It was fun ride. I've made here some nice money and still making few bucks but it's not the same anymore. Uploading new content is almost pointless these days. And Jon if you read this, and probably you are, good for you buddy. I admire your business skills and determination in achieving financial success.
  6. Just change the frame rate , SS have some pretty strange requirements about it.
  7. Oh the Old-timers (like me) can tell you stories you "New" guys would not believe You have no idea what SS was 10-8 years ago... and how it was ruined by corporate greed... Right Laurin?
  8. No one? No answer? What's the advantage of the map? How does the map improves your sales?
  9. I wonder for many years...what this information "where the images has been downloaded" gives you??? How does it matter???
  10. Hello my friends. I'm really amazed you are still using the forum, Positively amazed haven't been here for a year or more...it was such a fun place few years ago.
  11. It's plain stupid in every possible aspect. Go back to the old design please. It was perfect.
  12. You put all info for her and get signature of the PARENT! Until you are legal guardian you can NOT sign for a GRANDDAUGHTER.
  13. Did you upload from the phone? Took, edit, do the keywords all in your phone?
  14. I understand you can take nice picture with your cell phone but I don't belive anyone is uploading straight from the phone. Prove me wrong.
  15. Michael do you really think people uploading stock images from the phone???????
  16. This is how SS makes more money.... paying us less.
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