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  1. This week is as bad as it has never been in my 12 years history on Shutterstock. On Monday they tweaked something heavily.
  2. Thanks but you can't highlight keywords from catalog manager (after double clicking and opening the image).
  3. I am broken after the last search engine change (about two weeks). Whatever you did, it hurt my sales dramatically. I upload regularly, but I also have old best sellers so the change should not affect me that much. Why do you Shutterstock punish long term experienced contributors ?
  4. Very useful information, eye opening for someone who never worked in a corp . Thanks.
  5. Yep, SODs are kind of saving this month. 400k new images a week is frightening...
  6. Mine is at 80% of normal. Only experienced contributors please.
  7. Thanks Vincent, How long does it take for the content to be fully indexed ? Is there any difference in the exposure if the content is approved on Monday versus Friday?
  8. Yep, f... spammers. They have no shame and are nothing but cheap labor and untalented people. Getting back to the topic... what if all uploaders think the same and upload on Friday/Saturday which results in much more competition on Monday... By the way, maybe it is some or several days until the picture is fully indexed in the search and categories, then our speculations are pointless . Would love to hear someone from Shutterstock.
  9. Hi, I always aimed to have my new content approved around Monday and to avoid weekend approval. Does it still work like that or are there now too many search variables for something like "best" approval day to exist ? What do you think ? Maybe someone from Shutterstock would speak ? Thanks, Michal
  10. A new record has been broken, over 300.000 new images approved last week. When will this huge influx of content reach its culmination point ? Should we feel threatened ? What are your views ? Cheers, Michal
  11. Should we leave the pictures without thumbnails in the Waiting for Review, or delete them and upload again when the issue is resolved ?
  12. Same here.... . What's more I got several photos rejected for "Glitch, please resubmit". Photos that were approved are not indexed. Wasted upload, wasted time.
  13. In http:// format so people who use my photos and put a credit on their website would backlink to my own website! I guess it would be great for seo, wouldn't it ?
  14. Maybe it's a holidays time and people upload photos from their holidays, traveling etc
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