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  1. You have to have someone else witness your signature. So you don't sneak off behind your back and sign a release without yourself knowing about it.
  2. Darla Hallmark

    Hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

    They all died back in 2014. Bots are running the place now.
  3. Darla Hallmark

    We were unable to verify your identification

    That sounds like something you should take up with support.
  4. I just got a response from Bigstock support. To a query I sent six months ago. And, it didn't address the issue.
  5. Check your save settings. You may be compressing the image. Also, jpgs will be lighter weight than tifs or raw. You are also confusing MP and MB. MP is the size of the image in pixels. MB is the "weight" of the image in bytes. To know your MP, look at image size in your editor, multiply the number of pixels in width by height.. Shutterstock won't accept tifs, upload jpgs.
  6. Darla Hallmark

    Can't Upload Vectors

    Old info, not updated. The webmonkey died some time ago.
  7. Darla Hallmark

    Can't Upload Vectors

    The error message is pretty clear. "Your image (tartan.jpg) is too small. It must be at least 4 megapixels."
  8. Darla Hallmark

    Automatic Image Rotation

    It's possible you were looking at your images in the viewer, rather than your editor, before submitting them. Save a copy of your image in the correct orientation from your image editor, then upload and submit it.
  9. Darla Hallmark

    Image rejected for "Too many keywords"

    Was it "too many keywords" or "keyword spamming"?
  10. Darla Hallmark

    Delete and Resubmit.

    Shutterstock does allow buyers to buy the jpg preview of a vector, but only in the size it was submitted. (which is why I use really large preview images) Uploading a jpg only version of the illustration allows for buyers to select a size, as with regular photos. Until Shutterstock changes that condition to match the industry standard, illustrators will continue to benefit from uploading each vector design twice.
  11. Darla Hallmark

    Submit editorial/release issue

    The errors should be highlighted in red on your submit page. You either haven't filled in all the blanks, or haven't selected an image to submit. You do have to hit "enter" after typing in keywords, to make the move into the proper blank.
  12. Keyword "suggestions" are just that. I might "suggest" putting lime jello on your hot dog, but that doesn't mean you should.
  13. Darla Hallmark

    Unable to License

    There is a difference between taking pictures, and selling pictures. You asked the wrong question.
  14. Darla Hallmark

    Vector file size

    You probably need to simplify your images. Can you post a outline view of one of them? How many nodes are you using, and what types of gradients or effects? When you say you are resizing, I hope you are resizing the entire artboard, and not just the image.