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  1. If your work is not for sale on shutterstock, it should not be showing up on art.com. Contact them about it. They're supposed to pay you for each art.com sale.
  2. No, before they went public, Shutterstock concentrated on building a solid platform for selling stock. They certainly tried different things, aimed at improving market penetration, and smooth site functioning, but not wildass experiments. They developed and grew. What's going on now seems like random acts of management. Someone gets a brainstorm, and pushes it through, even though the techs protest. Maybe some of the board members also own stock in AI development, so are insisting that it be used. Certainly, they're doing the uber-capitalist thing of trying to remove as many people as possible from the system, because they think machines are cheaper.
  3. I guess they have decided to use Shutterstock for experiments.
  4. This is the landing page at the moment... Those are my images in the red circle. Images that were supposedly removed from Shutterstock's database months ago.
  5. It only takes one person recognizing their dog and complaining to make a new rule.
  6. Why did you put "brown skin" in there? The model isn't even tanned.
  7. They are required by law to respond to DMCA notices. Beyond that, they still don't seem to care, since their approach appears to be "don't worry about it until someone complains."
  8. Yup. Even though I no longer do business with Shutterstock, I'm not done with them. I still feel the need to regularly check for my work being stolen and used here.
  9. Ooooooh.... so Stock Master is specifically for Adobe! That explains why it's so weird. I loathe Adobe products.
  10. Sorry, I don't see how that's any easier or more practical than opening the artboards separately, or doing serveral illustrations on one artboard. I don't think any of my graphics programs will allow the creation of multiple artboards, anyway. Must be some weird Illustrator thing.
  11. I didn't know it was even possible to do multiple artboards... how can one do it accidentally? Why would anyone want to?
  12. I can't see the photo, but I suspect it shows trademarked livery.
  13. There are two problems I see. One is that you have objects running off the edge of your design. It's best to have everything trimmed, not masked or running off the artboard. The other is the big black shapes. An ideal vector has everything neatly outlined in this view, and these are not. It's possible that there are so many objects overlapped that it just looks black. An object count would tell you. This many objects makes a very heavy file (too many MB) Reducing the steps in your gradients before expanding them will reduce the number of objects. If these are not multiple objects, they are some other function, that won't translate well to all programs, and so, is not suitable for every buyer. There may be other solutions, I am not familiar with the newest vector programs. You can, at least, export a large jpg of just the colored background, and upload that.
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