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  1. Darla Hallmark

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

    taken from pixabay. *sigh* Also, he claims to be a vector artist. Vector artist my pasty white ass.
  2. Darla Hallmark

    Rejected Images

    Here is what cleaning up color fringing can do to improve the appearance of your photo. (I use Paint Shop Pro, not Photoshop)
  3. Darla Hallmark

    Rejected Images

    Yeah, there's some graininess. I think it adds to the creepy mood, but I'm not SS. If you clean up the color fringing, the focus will look better.
  4. Darla Hallmark

    copyright infringement not being investigated

    My name is my brand. Artwork not made by me should not have my brand on it. I have successfully enforced this on other sites with no difficulty. I wouldn't expect SS to hold that up without sending legal forms, but I am willing to do that.
  5. Darla Hallmark

    copyright infringement not being investigated

    If you just copy the whole batch off someone else's photo, and paste without checking to see if all the words actually apply, yes, it is.
  6. Darla Hallmark

    copyright infringement not being investigated

    It's not an infringement to copy and paste keywords, it's just rude and ignorant. IF, however, one of the keywords was your name, then there is an issue. I use my name as a keyword on all sites that will allow it.
  7. Darla Hallmark


    Who are you, canadastock? I can't seem to find you on any stock sites at all. ETA Never mind, I found you, Scott.
  8. Darla Hallmark

    Please advise how I can resubmit rejected images

    You can resubmit them. It's worth trying once. If they are rejected a second time, move on.
  9. Darla Hallmark

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Did you use the phrase "open air"? It confuses the bot.
  10. Darla Hallmark

    Objectional Content?

    You put words for clothing (bonnet) in the keywords, and it got kicked for possibly being a monkey dressed up like a person.
  11. Darla Hallmark

    potentially objectionable... ???

    "migrant" is not the same as "immigrant".
  12. Darla Hallmark

    HELP please

    Are you saying you click on "image portfolio" and nothing comes up?
  13. Darla Hallmark

    Ducks are non-licensable content? That's new..

    I see two possibilities: The reviewer made a mistake You used a problem keyword, such as "hyde park"