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  1. You need to fill out a property release for your artwork as though it was someone else's drawing. It's silly, but that's what they want.
  2. Sounds like a scam. Did you go to your shutterstock account and see if anything had changed? Do not click any links from that email.
  3. Not having payment methods is weird. What was she doing about money for two years? Just letting Shutterstock keep it?
  4. You can't. You need to create the file in a large enough size. Check your settings.
  5. They want a translation of the words visible in the book.
  6. I wonder if Thiefy Mcthieferson should start uploading again.
  7. Great. Now I have more portfolios to check for theft of my work.
  8. Anyone can download thumbnails from any stock site without going through all those steps. What you WANT is watermarks on the thumbnails.
  9. Sometimes, you have to use the specific cord that comes with the camera. Try that.
  10. You downloaded a thumbnail. Bravo.
  11. The object is to CREATE images, not find them.
  12. It's the icons that look like naked people.
  13. Did you use any trademarked names? The name of the boat, for example. The building might be on a list of protected places. What is it?
  14. Just a note, since you didn't mention it: Only use photos you own the rights to.
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