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  1. Are these dimensions the size of the image, or the size of the artboard? It's the artboard that must be large enough, and your image needs to fit inside of that.
  2. I am in the process of notifying 99designs. I have gotten to the part where they send a response indicating they didn't actually READ my email, and I reply, repeating my message. I don't know why everyone does support this way.
  3. He's elsewhere... https://stock.adobe.com/contributor/208583193/astanto
  4. I see Shutterstock still doesn't care about duplicate and similar images, either. (from phanria's portfolio) http://kinkyspot.com/assets/variety.jpg
  5. I do know that a made up name is acceptable, it's the same as using placeholder text. These aren't made up names, though.
  6. Calibrating your monitor makes it possible for you to see when they are not. Which, hopefully, can help you make better pictures by giving you a clearer idea of what you are currently producing.
  7. Ah. So it's bad behavior either way. I looked through the entire portfolio, and I can see you are right. There are a few photos at the very end that are evidently Astrex 13's own work. They're beginner quality, and don't show any sense of design or composition which one would expect from someone who can produce the logo designs.
  8. If you upload many videos that are rejected, Shutterstock will limit the number you can upload. Try improving the quality of your videos.
  9. Could it merely be that Astrex 13 participates in a lot of 99designs contests?
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