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  1. Intellectual Property

    The art on the belt, the art on the buckle, the boots, and the lighter are all possible copyright infringements.
  2. Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on Shutterstock.com

    Thank you.
  3. Intellectual Property

    The bot needs tuning.
  4. erase refused photos

    Death spasms?
  5. Unable to license

    Similar images may be online for a variety of reasons: 1. That particular photographer bought permission, and included an appropriate property release. 2. That's not the same site, just a place that looks like it. 3. The image was accepted at some point in the past when it was acceptable. 4. The reviewer didn't catch it, and when Hearst's estate catches it, the photographer will get sued. It's best to stay legal, even if you could get away with resubmitting, and hoping to get another reviewer who isn't up to date on restricted images.
  6. Is it possible to find a portfolio by the contributor's name?

    He knows how to find pjmorley. He's looking for someone else entirely.
  7. Foundstock is back up: I'm out

    I am pleased to see that my work does not appear. This means what I suspected is true. He's accessing shutterstock's database directly. Other hack sites require a watermark dodging thief to put in the url of the image they want, to get the stripped image. That means the end user has to find the image, then go to the hack site to steal it.
  8. How to submit photo that looks like illustration

    All you can do is give it your best guess. I would start by submitting it as a photo, since that's what it is. Call it something like "soft focus background"
  9. Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on Shutterstock.com

    I'm an artist of "worldwide renown". I don't blame Shutterstock for not knowing that, though, since they don't allow my most popular subject matter. Or do they? I think I need to check the portfolio. Maybe their standards have changed, and I can upload my more artistic images...No, I'm sure it's even more of a hassle than it used to be to upload hand drawn or painted illustrations. I quit submitting them when Shutterstock demanded an individual release for each one, with the image pinned to it. Can you imagine having to have a separate release for each image of the same model? Edited to add: Holy cow! There are penises in Shutterstock!
  10. Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on Shutterstock.com

    The existence of a "premiere" site might explain the crap that has been added to this site lately. Trying to drive buyers to the more expensive area by mucking the regular one up.
  11. Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on Shutterstock.com

    I don't see any clue to how to get one's images sold as Premiere.
  12. Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on Shutterstock.com

    I never knew there was a "Shutterstock Premier" website. How does one submit to that? Does it pay better?
  13. All photos rejected for File Transfer Error!!!

    "file transfer error" is not a rejection. It's a glitch in the upload, and can happen at any time with any image.
  14. The advertizement you saw lied. You can not make a lot of money selling stock photographs. Although your images are not good, they do show an undeveloped talent. If you enjoy taking pictures, it would be worth your time to study photography, and learn how to do it well. One thing that really helps with photography is drawing classes. When you learn how to draw, you learn how to see. Most people only look at things enough to identify them. If you are going to be an artist (which a good photographer is) you need to look more carefully at everything. The light is the most important. Where are the shadows? How is light reflecting off of one thing, onto another? Drawing lessons will help you learn that faster than just studying photography.
  15. Photo Manipulation GRRRR

    They just want to be sure that the photo you manipulated was your own. I don't know how showing them the photo you started with will prove it is yours, but that's what they want to see. Upload the original photo as a reference image.