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  1. How to Save EPS Format Compatible With Illustrator 8 or 10

    I don't know a lot about Illustrator, but I suspect you are using an older version that can't save in the modern format. You'll need to get Illustrator 8, or 10.
  2. Copyright infringement

    I reported four accounts to Shutterstock that are using pictures from pixabay, and images stolen from other SS contributors. Here's the response I just got. If support can't be bothered to read what I actually wrote, I don't know why I bother. Do you think I should respond, and repeat my original message?
  3. Do you submit Composite Photos, Any Ethical Concerns

    Unless, of course, you're submitting as editorial. Or using someone else's images.
  4. Do you submit Composite Photos, Any Ethical Concerns

    Ethical? How can there be any ethical problem with creatively producing an appealing image? It's not like forgery. Besides, if someone thinks that dinosaur really was roaming around my back yard, that's their lookout.
  5. Copyright infringement

    *sigh* again? He has things from Pixabay, too.
  6. Non licensable content

    Australia changed its mind about what was allowable.
  7. Bigstockphoto submission and rejection problems

    I must have come in right as that was going wrong. I submitted ten images, and nine of them went through properly. The tenth one still said it needed keywording. I went back to it, and all the data I had entered was gone. I did it again, submitted, and it went right back to pending edit. The data was gone again.
  8. Hiring Content Creators to Work for You

    I hope your plan isn't to sell the results as stock.
  9. How to submit image with oil filter on

    What's impresso?
  10. How to submit image with oil filter on

    I suspect he's trying to get around needing model releases.
  11. How to submit image with oil filter on

    Don't. It looks like a photo with a filter added to it. Anyone can add a filter. If you can make it look like a painting, it might be worth trying. Example -
  12. Property Release Illustration Rejections

    I gave up submitting original jpg illustrations to Shutterstock years ago because of their property release requirements. They won't accept a blanket release for all your artwork. They want a separate release for each image that has the specific image included. Screw that.
  13. Image of reference

    Do you mean download or upload? To attach a reference image, make a file of the image that is about the same size as a property release, which is 2550 x 3300 pixels. When tagging your uploaded picture, click "add release" or whatever they call it today, and upload your reference image there.
  14. Image of reference

    Can you upload and attach a model release? How have you tried?