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  1. Darla Hallmark

    I'm tired of these things!

    Myloview is an affiliate.
  2. Darla Hallmark

    Newly uploaded illustrations cannot see large previews

    It seems to be working now. Nice work!
  3. The bot they have in support has always been a bit stupid.
  4. Darla Hallmark

    Another thief among us?

    This is another case where I wonder if there is a crooked reviewer involved. There are many images of designer jewelry, no release, not editorial, definitely a copyright issue.
  5. Darla Hallmark

    I have a lot of copies of my works

    You can remove duplicate images using the catalogue manager.
  6. Darla Hallmark

    I'm new to here.What are things that people like most???

    I like porn. Too bad it doesn't sell well as stock.
  7. Darla Hallmark

    Better descriptions? For what?

    A better description doesn't have to have more words. Just explain what the image is, for anyone who is not familiar with the subject. "yellow flower" is not a good description. "bitterweed" is better. "Bitterweed, an undesirable plant in dairy pastures" is even better. "Bitterweed, an erect, composite plant of the sunflower family" is NOT a better description. More potential buyers will be looking for uses or problems with plants, than looking for technical botanical information.
  8. Darla Hallmark

    Un-identified bugs / beetles / spiders??

    Lady Beetle - Brachiacantha ursina "Spurleg" beetles.
  9. The cup of coffee one is even funnier. It's not printed out, it's painted. The restaurant owner paid an artist to paint the mural, and told him to use that image. So, he did exactly what he was paid to do.
  10. Darla Hallmark

    what a joke this is...

    What do you call a boomerang that won't come back? A stick.
  11. Darla Hallmark

    Wanna laugh?

    I can totally see the cheering crowd carrying protest signs in that photo. *snork*
  12. Darla Hallmark


    Shutterstock contributors are the most disgruntled.
  13. Darla Hallmark

    You want spam ...?

    I'll try going for a walk with my camera on, randomly pressing the shutter. That ought to get me some great images for Shutterstock. I don't think they will notice a sudden increase in crap being submitted, though.
  14. Ethical issues aside, it's lazy. It's a way to get a preconceived image made. This bypasses one of the most interesting aspects of nature photography, which is that new, un-thought of images will be presented to the patient photographer.