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  1. Whatever you do here do not expect any feedback! I can promise you they will not respond and for good reason. You will only get canned corporate talk. My images are turned off just keep the faith and put your energy into places that will pay fair. Keep up the pressure but never look for a response!
  2. Keep up the pressure! Everyone is doing great at this, if we continue in this we will have a chance at a better future. Most people quit or give up right before success!!!
  3. Just turned off my images sales! I made over 1k last month here on SS what a shame and a sham!!
  4. That guy above defending SS must be smoking a banana leaf! So I am to praise a company who would have nothing if it were not for the artist and then they turn around and throw a cow Patti in my face. Nope they need to actually treat their suppliers with respect!
  5. Three Cheers For Adobe!!! Please send everyone to Adobe Go Adobe Go Adobe!! We Love Adobe!
  6. Can we say LOOSER! What a bunch of CRAP! Great way to run a company guys! You must have a brain dead kindergartner running this place!
  7. This is total crap! A new market for streaming really, you left my master file unprotected!!! Look if a person needs video they need video it is not a new market you are just undercutting artist because you have the volume! We can't eat on this or compete with it. Stop screwing us like Getty!!!
  8. Another great idea? I have a 7 year old that can make better decisions for SS!!!
  9. Dear SS. I no longer upload my clips to Getty "I was exclusive with them for years and you begged me to come to you!" this represents thousands of clips now due to their low cent sales. I have had up to 20 and 30 in a month there! Now I see the same pattern happening here? Yeah not happy about this at all!! You can call it whatever you want it is still ripping off the artist! I don't want or need the $1.50 market!!
  10. First DL's as a non-exclusive http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-4650179-stock-footage-marines-training-for-combat-in-desert-conditions.html http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-4752527-stock-footage-new-parents-with-baby-in-the-hospital.html
  11. Just had the same issue and all clip settings are good.
  12. Will this ever be available to video artist? I say about time :-)
  13. I have 2,000 clips up elsewhere so everyone keep up the good work!
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