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  1. I have too all my disabled videos searchable and purchasable with Google help Searched for My name + video shutterstock https://www.google.com/search?q=ints+vikmanis+video+shutterstock&tbm=vid&sxsrf=ALeKk03uXu1YIASERG8Pl6GeDUVkxuh5fQ:1602782964741&ei=9IaIX9XRLNiEwPAP16qS4AY&start=100&sa=N&ved=0ahUKEwjVm4_qj7fsAhVYAhAIHVeVBGw4MhDy0wMI-QM&biw=2811&bih=1484&dpr=2
  2. Unfortunately there are no quick solution. SS has many buyers too. While they can find suitable content here they are not forced to look and buy elsewhere. If contributors will abandon sales here then eventually buyers will be forced to look elsewhere. So if you think in short-term then yes sell your content here for 10c.
  3. I see that you have not disabled your sales here!!! Do you want that other fight for you? You must disable sales for yourself too!!!
  4. Just disable sales here. If you don't do this then you agree to sell your work for pennies.
  5. It seems more and more contributors stop uploading new content there. So they have decided to hide new weekly uploads. Previously it was loud marketing tool – 1 mil. new images every week. They have decided to round up image count just by 9 mil. Just in case
  6. I am afraid that by end of year other agencies will follow SS example and will start paying us 0.10 or less… Other agencies will see that SS image count is still growing. So they will understand that contributors agree and are happy with 0.10
  7. It's insane to sell your hard work for such low money! Just disable sales here.
  8. My friend works in agency with SS 750 subscription (yearly upfront). This month they have used only 23 downloads. So real costs for one download is 6.16 EUR + TAX. Contributor will get only 0.10 USD.
  9. You will always get 0.10 $. No matter of your "level"
  10. I don't regret my decision to disable sales here How much I would earn here for 28 sales? 28x 0.10 = 2.80 USD? If I'm very unlucky…
  11. I don't upload and don't sell here. I'm on strike too.
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