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  1. What Happens to your Account when you Die?

    Yep, ditto for 2006!
  2. What Happens to your Account when you Die?

    That's nice to know, Rudy, but why can't Shutterstock set forth that information? They've codified just about everything else.
  3. What Happens to your Account when you Die?

    It would be nice to hear an actual policy and procedures from SS. They must have already encountered this situation many times.
  4. Reminder: This is a Commercial Marketplace

    Well, I think you're right. SS is a very broad spectrum outfit and has made a business of accomodating all stripes of photographers, from the image mills with studios and models to retired people like me, using SS basically as a means to finance our expensive hobby. I've been here a long time and harken back to an even more distant past when we shipped transparencies to the agencies and sold a few images a year (albeit for much more than 38 cent each). At one time it was an accomplishment just to be accepted by SS. Now, I don't know. It's been a race to the bottom for a long time. If I were just starting out, I wouldn't.
  5. Digitalizing Kodachrome 25 & 64 slides

    I had no idea the Nikon 5000-ED scanner commanded such a high price now. I should have kept it! Back, maybe ten years ago, I digitized a few of my 30,000 Kodachromes. Only a few made it through SS's approval process. Even those that were accepted took a great deal of time to make acceptable. In the end, I decided it was not worth the effort.
  6. Best "Value" Leica M Lenses

    Just like other manufacturers, the 50mm range is the least costly (relatively, in the case of Leica). Although if you can buy a Monochrome you shouldn't sweat the lenses. At the bottom of the price group you can find old screw-mount lenses that can be fitted with an adapter. Then don't overlook the newer M mounts by Voigtlander, which aren't bad at all. (Look up Canera Quest.) The older Summarit is f1.5 and just OK. The f1.4 Summiluxes are very expensive. The best compromise for me would be the f2 Summicrons — none sharper, even the older ones.
  7. Experience with News/Editorial?

    Unlike most of my new content submissions, my take on a protest rally was snatched up within a couple of days. One thing about editorial . . . it becomes history, which can't be authentically duplicated. Good for the long term.
  8. Are you joking? Out of a hundred thousand how will you choose three? What criterion? Sorry, I can't do it.
  9. Recent Images. Tell Me Again, Please.

    Well, Laurin, I guess I can't complain since, with my limited portfolio (under 6000) I still get a respectable monthly income. In truth, I thought it would be worse with the incredible addition of millions of images. Still, it would be nice to see a download of a new image once-in-a-while.
  10. I seem to remember reading why newly accepted images aren't doing well . . . Something to do with the search algorithm. Would someone mind explaining it to me, since I can't seem to find anything about it? Thanks!
  11. What Keywording Tool do you Use

    I've never used any. Words just flow and I have trouble limiting them. I do keep some text files of keywords related to subjects I commonly submit.
  12. Disgusted and upset! Spammy titles.

    After the initial email, I received another (less than 24 hours later) informing me they had deleted 3 images based upon complaint # XXXX which I did not know how to access. So the nature of the complaint is still a mystery to me. Only three images will not make a difference but . . . it's the principle of the thing . . as they say! Then, of course, the apology today after the fact.
  13. Are your selling decreasing?

    I think I knew the whole business model for microstock was not sustainable, even in the beginning. Now, that is becoming evident. The idea that you can keep increasing your image stock without limit, that you can lower your standards even while pretending to have standards via those pathetic reviewers selecting from their pallet of inane canned responses, is wishful thinking. Shutterstock and the others will canabalize themselves. Cavalier treatment of contributors and not communicating effectively with them is just another part of the cheapening and industrialization of the stock picture business in order to squeeze a little more profit from the mix. I personally looked for this to happen sooner than it did. I count myself lucky to have been a happy amateur, shooting what I wished, pushing the limits making the reviewers work hard and pocketing $25,000 in the process. Thank you Shutterstock, but you need to give some thought to the future before it's too late.
  14. I've been here ten years and have the message, too, Linda. I just uploaded a file and it was processed without a problem. Just a glitch, I suppose.
  15. What's this all about?

    I just uploaded a file to see what would happen. It seems as though it's business as usual. It was placed in the que as always with no exceptions. I guess this is just something to keep us involved and excited about the SS experience!