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  1. Does this new image guarantee thingy SS promoted while ago have anything to do with this matter?
  2. Shooting stock makes you better stock photographer The experience affects some of my other photography too, sometimes in good ways, sometimes bad.
  3. I'll quote myself and try to make the question more clear. How was the IRS tax handled by Shutterstock before? I think it is a valid question, so any answer?
  4. Question: How the IRS tax was handled before all these years?
  5. 77,195 new photos added in the past week I'm curious to see how these numbers go for the next week.
  6. I've stopped uploading any new images until this matter is resolved. And seriously considering taking my almost 5k images somewhere else.
  7. Any news on this matter? I would like to see Lookstat working with Shutterstock ASAP or Shutterstock to provide some meaningful statistics themselves.
  8. I've noticed the same. Some real old photos going occasionally, photos that havent sold in ages. And new stuff disappearing into the mass very fast. All this with consistent uploading the past year or so.
  9. yojik

    On Demand %

    about 4 % for me, but the total income has not gone up despite constant uploading...
  10. yojik

    Jill Greenberg

    This is probably bigger than the case of a certain Canadian photorealistic painter. I dont know if its right or wrong to do such a thing, but i do know that the thing is getting some serious media attention.
  11. yojik

    Show me.. YOU!!

    me with special shades...
  12. I want one How about Shutterstock do a deal with Nikon and have discounted D90's for active submitters?
  13. yojik


    Sorry. I wasnt trying to critique. Just trying to get some attention from SS. ) Steven ;o) heh, well my post was supposed to be sarcastic...i think when a company cant take criticism, its in serious trouble, sooner or later
  14. yojik


    Careful now, the thread was closed last time submitters were throwing some critique in the air...
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