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  1. Been submitting Illustrative Editorial for the past week without a problem. Have submitted hundreds in the past. In the last two days, the reviewer suddenly thinks it needs a traditional editorial caption. You would think SS would want to keep its fewer contributors happy. They're already selling on Adobe.
  2. Doesn't really matte which level. I am level 5 and still earning .10. After 25,000 more downloads I can make it to level 6 and earn .10
  3. I don't think any of our reactions are aimed at one person. They are aimed at SS corporate who just killed the company.
  4. I just deleted all pending images. I've been uploading over 200 a week for months. That just stopped. I have seen a few monumental screw-ups in this industry in the last 16 years, but this one takes them all.
  5. No. I won't go to the effort just to shut off income. But my 27,017 images will be the last uploaded. I just deleted my pending images. NO MORE! 16 years of work shot to hell.
  6. Not less than ten cents. Now there's a relief. For a minute I THOUGH WE WERE GETTING SCREWED! The agency that used to command 60% of my income, is barely clinging to 30% while I have done nothing different. I have been thinking about changing my whole strategy in photography since the first of the year and I think Shutterstock just kicked it off for me.
  7. So, 16 years and 72,000 sales are out the window, as of January 1. For the last year, A has gotten to be more important, while SS less and less. For the last 6 months, sales there continue to rise while here they continue to shrink. I stopped uploading to IS, but I never thought it would happen here. While putting everyone on an even playing field, you put yourself there also. The low earners may be cheering until they realize it is the large libraries that attracts the buyers. And they just gave us no reason to continue here. Beyond stupid.
  8. For 168 consecutive months, SS has earned me the most money of all of my sites. That has been slipping slowly for 3 years and more quickly since last year. Based on the halfway point, I expect this to be the month where they move into 2nd place.
  9. my guess would be accipitridae. SS likes english and even though this is correct, their bot may have kicked it out.
  10. I did a search there on a keyword that should produce some of my images, which it did. Two things, I did the same search on 123 and the results are almost identical, and more telling, like Steve said, the id# was the same for both sites.
  11. Don't know if I'm qualified to be 'established' but I've been here for 13 years and have about 70K images. I think the rejections are consistent within the conditions they have programmed their AI. Lately, I've submitted a lot of old cars. Shot in good light, ISO 80 and well exposed, i.e. no noise. But the AI is picking up on the texture of old rust and rejecting them for noise. No problem for me; other sites are accepting them and they are selling very well on their major competitors sites. And for those that take exception with my AI assertion, does anyone really believe they have humans reviewing 1.3 MILLION images a week? And doing it in minutes? Don't think so.
  12. Been using SyncBackFree for years. Never had a problem.
  13. Just received an email announcing that the old tool will go away at some point. For me, the new and old tools work almost identically except for how it affects my workflow. I do my keywording in Lightroom long before I upload to any sites. I assume Shutterstock would like to think we are all only uploading here, but I don't think that is the case. Using this tool for all of my images would mean getting the files ready except for keywords, uploading here, using the tool, copying the keywords and pasting them back to my files, then uploading everywhere else. Sorry, that doesn't work for me. Okay, I was shown the link at https://submit.shutterstock.com/edit which gets you a link to the new tool, which works almost the same. I think I like this one better, although comparing apples to apples, the words were not identical. I'll have to do some testing to see which is more intuitive and accurate. Thanks, @Kate Shutterstock for the quick followup.
  14. Yeah, I've used that one when the SS one is down. I was talking about something like XPiks, which someone on MSG suggested. It does exactly what I want, storing keyword presets, plus it can access the SS keyword finder internally, so it eliminates the copy and paste. In addition, it will do uploads, which I will look at, but I've been using Stocksubmitter for years and it works great.
  15. Not asking about keyword tools. I use the SS one and am happy with those results. But how do you enter and store the keywords. I've used Lightroom for many years, but I don't have a good system for retrieving and entering repetitive data. I keep going back to the tools and searching once again for the same stuff. My LR keyword library is a mess after 10 years. I've used a spreadsheet in the past, but with tens of thousands of images, not sure that is practical. How does everyone here get it done?
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