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  1. Would it be possible to have an indication of how many files are in the queue and/or which clip number is currently being reviewed so that we can get an idea of how long we need to wait? The review process appears to have slowed down ... unless its just me! My first batch was approved within a couple of days but my second batch has been sitting there for a week now ... --Philip
  2. Spoke too soon - it has now appeared in the web interface. --Philip
  3. I've just uploaded a clip encoded as MPEG-2 HDV 1080i 25 but it has vanished ... I've just emailed Support to see if they can find it . HDV is essentially MPEG-2 with particular encoding settings to minimise the file size. The latest version of the Adobe tools has HDV pre-defined in the Adobe Encoder. --Philip
  4. Have you emailed them directly? support@shutterstock.com has been responding very quickly lately and seems to be the recommended route for contacting SS support. --Philip
  5. Has it worked? I've just received confirmation that my initial batch of clips has gone through & been approved. Now to start working through my tapes ... :-) --Philip
  6. I think that SS have fixed that now - it is now accepting standard PAL clips without any extra manipulation on my part. (Thanks to the SS guys for getting this working) --Philip
  7. I sent the request via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the web page. I did get an automated reply, with a ticket reference, but that was last Monday. I can't really phone Support - I'm in the UK so the hours and the cost go against me. I'll send an email directly to Support as suggested. --Philip
  8. It is with great reluctance that I find myself getting close to making the decision to pull out of this venture. I do appreciate and understand that SS have taken on a mammoth task. I also appreciate that they've been working hard to resolve the problems. That said, there has been little communication from SS on what is happening. Clearly, some people have had their clips reviewed. Some have even managed to sell theirs! Others, myself included, have got clips stuck perpetually in a pending state. An email to Support elicits no response in over a week. SS are going to be depende
  9. Is this because we've submitted PAL clips ... ? --Philip
  10. Actually, clicking on the "Waiting to be reviewed" Go buttn still shows ten pending clips, so they still appear to be waiting to be reviewed. --Philip
  11. My uploaded footage number has also gone to zero. I haven't received any emails either way to say whether it has been accepted or rejected. An update would be much appreciated. --Philip
  12. Please upload only the HD version - our software creates an SD version that we will sell for a lower price. Thank you for the clarification on that. --Philip
  13. I've just uploaded some DV AVI clips, using the Microsoft DV codec. Other posters are suggesting encoding to MPEG (like encoding for a DVD). DV will compress to about 200Mb for a minute clip. --Philip
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