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  1. I remember it. i stopped working with IS after that.
  2. and my old royalties were $0,38... you can imagine how i feel with $0.10 on 5th lvl
  3. i naively hoped that some day SS will be so kind and will rise max royalties from 0.38 to 0.40 may be, but obviously SS doesn't give a F...
  4. yes, i had to redo a lot of elements just to keep them as simple as possible, i literally had to find new ways of drawing and i'm pretty sure that 4 mp vector is a huge struggle for many illustrators out here...but that's another topic
  5. oh, we have new map now.... guys it looks like you hire instagram bloggers as a developers. You pay a lot of attention to unnecessary toys, while all functionality falls apart. Bring back sorting; bring back order of sold images from oldest to newest; god, let us do our own JPG previews instead of uploading 100 MG EPS.... but you still doing.... MAP! Stop experimenting on your contributors, it's getting offensive...
  6. current improvements are useless. go and ask buyers what do they prefer - bigger avatars or possibility to see newest content... i think the answer is obvious...
  7. too much is never enough. shareholders need more money. referral programme is a great leakage of money from their point of view. we are not protected by any law so they can do anything they want. i left IS because of this outrageous actions. i thought that SS is example of fair business but sooner or late greed start to run things. SS please leave things as they are. you will save devotion of your contributors.
  8. in light of recent events is it possible to remove missing files and reupload them with out any penalties
  9. It's really boring to hear that 72 hours rubbish. 72 hours passed long ago! i can't see my new illustrations in my portfolio as well as i can't find them through search. And i don't believe that buyers can see them and didn't buy at least once. I know that you do everything possible to fix that proble but please don't feed us with this standart excuses. I see what is going on with my files and it has nothing in common with 72 hours indexing. we all trying to explain you situation but you don't whant to listen as ussual
  10. The same here. All batches had gone after approval. It's really unpleasent situation. I cant find my new illustrations through keyword search that means that buyers don't see them too. It's unacceptable.
  11. problem still exist and dwell. please do something!
  12. For the way that we (post soviet people) live. It’s shocking, terrible and normal in the same time. Overwhelming majority live like that and they can’t imagine that life could be different. It’s always curious to view panopticon, isn’t it?
  13. What did you feel watching this? I felt shame. It’s great that someone wins in that situation.
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