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  1. This self promotion: I know it's not spectacular, but let me know what you think of my ultra-short demo reel. Thanks!
  2. I'm afraid SS is getting itself lost in the details. tgtg is right - we are videographers, not journalists/writers. If a prospective buyer wants an editorial clip, he/she wants that for a reason (ie, increase in tourists etc). CAPS requirements for dateline, no year in date etc is a bit over the top. KISS, please! (Keep It Simple St...D)
  3. "Show me your ____" fill in the blanks pfffffff
  4. wow - still no word from them had the same prob and then some closing the door, slowly...
  5. NICE!! Thanks Moishe/SS Excellent work ! ! !
  6. I'm afraid I have to join as well - postponed the upload of 702 files... C'mon SS, I know you can do better than this!!
  7. but SS really should tell the shooter the reason why a refund was made
  8. Got the same error, still nothing after more than 24 hours.. Moishe, you're there??
  9. got two in four days, not too bad indeed
  10. I'm looking to buy a new tripod and fluid head and was wondering what you guys would recommend
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