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  1. *did you all receive e-mails? i still did not receive mine. *i checked into spam as well - still nothing.
  2. that's what i had on my mind since very first moment.
  3. does anybody remember? triple facepalm when double facepalm simply is not enough....
  4. If image is o.k. in general, why it should not be accepted? Try to think about your image in reverse-mode. So, before you even produce one - ask yourself - what can this image be used for? (promoting product, service, describing some story, sell something, etc). Is my subject interesting? Is this framing o.k.? is there enough space for text, if customer uses whole image? is this going to be cropped? (in which way? is it possible to do?). How much similar images are there already? Are mine good enough to catch attention (and downloads), for that short time it will bee searchable in "newest", before it's sunk down by newer ones?
  5. i can't submit uploaded clip. already uploaded clips simply disappeared. when i click "save" (*clip, with description, kwds, and category), it disappear. any advice?
  6. Kate, if you were closer - i would buy you a beer now. In fact, i would buy you big beer. I mean, really really big beer. What a good news. thank you
  7. HI guys. I have unpleasant experience with Skrill. Shutterstock paid my last payment, but i can not get my money. Site says i need a geo-location verification. In order to do this step, i should upload some utilty bill, or tenant/realestate contract e.t.c., not older than 90 days. However, i am in foreign country for more than 30 days already, and i should be there for a year most probably. All the utility bills in my home country / adress are at real estate owner (my dad), and not me. I sent them my travel insurance policy scanned, and they rejected it stating they can't see issue date (even if it is still valid - for whole year in advance, which can be read (in english) at the document. So my account is practically closed for me - i can not withdraw money, nor can do anything with it. - money is @Skrill (interest-free for them of course). At help page - there are only FAQ's - with no online / e-mail kind of help/support. What to do? Regards; Sasha
  8. possible issues> something wrong with release (mentioned above); you might have property release for animal - you have fence backward, which can point that animal was hold in some kind of captivity - zoo for example. so, it's zoo's property, and inspector might have that in mind; also, you have recognizable houses/buildings in background. these buildings are someone's property. and that person/organization, might not want photos of their property being used in commercial pourposes. so, maybe inspector had property release for buildings in mind.
  9. Shutterstock, can we have any official update regarding this matter? For us Europeans outside Euro zone - skrill treats as, as financial criminals at least. They said - it's a law. o.k. -but, if we transfer money from skrill onto our bank accounts, we are literally ripped off by intermediary banks altogether with Skrill. I'm talking double-digit percentage here. I rised up minimum payout limit at few months estimated, so money is NOT automatically transfered by shutterstock onto my skrill account. So, thanks to Skrill policy, i am now shutterstock's free money-loaner (is it correct term?). I mean i am even o.k. with this in a way - but please shutterstock - can you HELP us? We work hard, we made this great ss sucess on market possible. We are part of ss-team. We are doing our best to produce excellent content. So please -help us take our share, in fair way. At the moment, skrill is not fair option for us. it's robbery .
  10. you need release just as you need one for anybody else. (photographer/videographer, model, witness, all three of legal age).
  11. for me, the first batch was sent at dec. 16th. *i personally would also delete christmas clips if these were not reviewed some reasonable time before christmas.
  12. if you pay entrance (or any other kind of) fee - you surely need property release. having files accepted which should actually be rejected in the first place is also possibility
  13. i am pretty sure that kind of review never was the case on ss. at least, my experience with video review on ss was exclusively positive, since i started.
  14. thanks for quick reply. *b.t.w. - i just received approval e-mail so i guess it's getting back to normal.
  15. Hi, is it still the case? I have few clips uploaded and these are sitting and waiting for review quite longer than usual. sasha
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