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  1. Simple graphics do better at SS but Adobe in general is as good as SS, some people do better at SS some better on Adobe but they are equal in size and market dominance.
  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation!
  3. ok thanks everyone 10 Cents wow and I thought 38 Cents was low - lol. Time to stop this nonsense!
  4. My main income is now from 10 Cents downloads. I've checked and I'm on Level 4 how is this possible? I heard there is a new payment structure (before my minimum was 38 Cent) but with Level 4 I didn't expect so low as 10 Cents as the standard, so with Level 1 you get even less now? Please explain! Thanks in advance!
  5. very bad sales terrible month worst sales/month ever, can't believe how bad it is.
  6. +1 that's the reason I'm normally not here, but considering this big news I thought I gonna check this forum too but.....
  7. It's a brilliant move for them. As usual photographers probably loose no surprise here!
  8. By far i didn't seen a more clear red card in the whole tournament! Rooney could be great but he behaved like a hooligan - get a grip! No one more to blame than Rooney himself! Both teams didn't play well. England has great individuals but they didn't work as a team.
  9. call me stupid but i don't know how to delete a picture from my account.I know its possible i did it before but now i can't remember anymore.
  10. Flowers don't charge for modelreleases in fact you don't need even one :-)
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