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  1. Ask Rinder, send him a private message. He Knows All. Just ask him. Or just submit a photo of your own artwork, that's a hot topic.
  2. Wendy wins. Sweet. I'm getting an EL & Wendy gets fifty bucks. No stinky poo there. Sqaure & fair.
  3. Hoooweeee, stink, smell it? I got $50 the next reply is Rinder.
  4. See what I mean? Stinky Poo. Watch for malware in the painting thread.
  5. Notice how the underwater video thread died. It was under water from the git go. But this whole how do you do submit a photo of your own art work? Stinky Poo. Maybe malware on that thread.
  6. Wait, oh I got it. The two step. So,e poor smechkle gets a pm and asks how do I submit my own painting? A trick as old as brown toilet paper. Poo.
  7. Any else smell the stink erupting in the forum? I mean, it's like we got gassed. Conmanical spray. I guess it will pass, but oooh gives me the shivers. Stinky. Poo.
  8. I'm sure we are all interested in both the learning how to fly it curve (i am) and the quality you produce. That's really cool, don't crash.
  9. I saw this and thought - not possible, but that's agonizingly brutal. I hope this is sorted out ASAP and I am sincerely sorry for you having to suffer this. And all those amazing composites! Sorry, amigo.
  10. So... what if Santa is God? Classic blower powder conditions, had the place to myself, couldn't see 10 feet down the mountain, flat light and blowing snow, but it was a memorable session. Happy Christmas to you, my friend's from near & far and here's to another year of not making cents.
  11. No no no, you have to put the glass in another room, or where you don't sit, and then it's like sailing a boat around the bouy on a course, you are the boat and you go off to do the task - wrapping up & then drift back around the glass. I managed to get to the bottom of a bottle of wine getting the cabin ready for the singing bowl meditation we had on the solstice. Place was shiney.
  12. I find a balance between my working distance from the glass to the project and navigate the chores off the beacon of sanity.
  13. Good. That whole skin flap fall episode still makes me pause on my way to the - giggle juice? Some days, it's obligatory. Just because. Oh the rain, the sky crying.
  14. I have to admit this year has been (for me) the least amount of fake christmas cheer for decades. It helps, really. Get cracking Wendy.
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