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  1. I thought it was the contrary, in that it is the safest place to be with the greatest protection? But then what do I know πŸ™‚
  2. L My arm feels the same way! My reference to the Romans in the UK was my implication that I am that old πŸ™‚ Of course I did live in Rome for 2 years (really), so became very familiar with modern Romans. Don't have many squirrels here, but lower down the hill I have seen some, we just have deer, turkey's, quail, magpies, lots o small birds, the occasional bald eagle and hawk, and coyotes, although have not seen one of the latter near us for a while. Had a brief visitation by what was obviously a domestic rabbit for a couple of days we fed it, but it has since disappeared.
  3. I am American and British (dual nationality), parent went back and forth between the US and the UK, but from the age of 10 I grew up in the UK, had an English mother, she won the argument about where they were going to live. Interesting thing is that they had 2 kids born in the US and one in the UK, the Brit brother stayed there, while the two yankee kids came back to the US LOL! When in the UK, I lived in Cambridge, Sawston, Huntingdon and a small village called Great Staughton. Parents moved to Dorset when all us kids vacated the home.
  4. Our temps going up nearing 7C and will be higher soon. Sales suck Got my second Moderna shot yesterday, I have aches and pains every morning so not sure if this mornings are the usual ones or new from the shot? The arm does hurt a little, and that are is elevated in temperature, so I guess my white blood cells are working overtime there πŸ™‚ That red/grey squirrel problem has been around in the UK for donkey's years, I remember when I was a kid living there before the Roman's left we had the problem πŸ™‚ Well at least back in the 1050's
  5. Not exactly a reply to any prior message, but I got a reminder that it was Sheila's birthday from somewhere. Happy Birthday Sheila!
  6. We had two days of snow about 4inches each day, so I have been plowing, blowing, etc. Then yesterday had a beautiful sunshine day, today overcast cold, but no snow, expecting more this evening and tomorrow, then the temps are going to rise, back to T shirt weather around 32-40F. Funny it always seems warmer when I go out in my PJ's with the dogs at around 6:30 AM to let them do their business and feed my pet deer, all 16 of them. Then it cools down. I have been spending time in my radio shack, talking to folks down in Texas who are in a world of hurt right now. Some just got their power
  7. Got 4 inches so far today and it is still snowing!
  8. Love the fox image! Yep this freezing is due to Global warming :-)
  9. Wendy, if you are Sari, who is Sari today :-)
  10. It is unfortunate that you left that video out, since it would demonstrate how cruel those things can be, and more people need to be aware of that! If someone needs to kill coyotes for any reason, then bullet is far more humane way to dispatch them.
  11. Great shots Sari!, love the armadillo :-) Your variety of animal species is fabulous, and they all look so healthy!
  12. Sheila, nettle stings don't usually last for any length of time, and as was pointed out by Charles, there are also Dock plants growing nearby and they have large leave, which when rubbed onto the nettle sting usually alleviate the irritation. The one thing you do need to watch for in CA is Poison Oak, that is really nasty crap, I know since I ran into it several times, even the rrots of a plany killed with roundup can still contain the urusoil that causes the inflammation, again I found out the hard way. BTW Poison Oak, (out West) and Poison IVY (Back East), and Sumak (Mid West) are
  13. Linda, anytime you need anything like that just let me know, I would be happy to send you some images, from a better camera. I have Coyote, Gopher snake, Pronghorn Antelope, Rabbit, Blacktail deer, Monarch and Western Swallowtail Tiger Butterfly's from California, Cow Moose, Mule deer, Osprey, and Buffalo from Wyoming, Whitetail from WA, and of course tons of animals from Africa that you are welcome to. Red Deer, Butterflies, Oyster catchers, Takahe's and Pukeka's in NZ, even Red deer, Pheasants and Swans in the UK :-) Obviously these are just a few of the thousands of wildlife images I have,
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