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  1. Air quality dropped down to 170ish today, but went back up this afternoon to 270ish
  2. Sheila, if a battery charger is connected to the car while the battery is switched, the memory will not be lost. Our air quality was getting better, but it is now getting worse again
  3. Yes, we were getting the smoke from California, then it was added too by the fires in Oregon, and our own fires, such as the fire which took out the town of Malden. In fact I was working for the Sheriff's dept at the Malden/Babb Rd fire, and then had to go directly to another fire over by Spokane Airport in the same day. We have only been able to find the ear loop masks here.
  4. Definitely came inland, we were at the top of the dangerous zone, had an index peak of 499 over the weekend and Monday, but it was in the 400's the whole weekend. Now we are down to 322, still in the hazardous zone.
  5. Very nice shot of the aphids! We have been told we will have high winds today, always a worry because of cigarette smokers tossing there butts around and starting fires, like the 75,000 acre fire in CA, and of course campers letting their fires get out of control or not dousing them sufficiently. I have been to at least 4 fires this year already up here in the INW, and there have been others that I have not been to because we only operate in Spokane County, for the Spokane County Sheriff's Incident Response Team but also assist Spokane County Fire departments. They should close all camp grounds, parks and forests during fire season to keep the idiots out. We have had triple digit temps up here as well, which of course exacerbates the fire risk problem. Is there anything left in CA to burn? I forget how many acres have burned there, but I thought Susan told me it was over 1 million. If I were religious, I might think that CA is having it'd 7 pestilences 😉 Covid, Fires, Aphids, what next?
  6. Awesome pet you have there Sari! Good way to get rid of fly corpse. Thanks, Linda, it was pretty intense, been doing fire mitigation tree trimming, weed whacking, etc., to help prevent anything happening. Fortunately we have not had the lightening strikes they have had down in California. Apparently there is a fire fairly close to our old house in CA, so my other friends in CA are all packed ready to go.
  7. I got stung 2 years ago, and it took about 1/2 an hour for my throat to start closing, having breathing problems and my heart rate dropped to 40. The mud idea only requires you to carry water with you all the time, which is a good thing anyway, most of us don't drink anywhere near enough, or at least I know i don't 😉
  8. You know I had heard this before, for some reason the mud draws out the poison as it dries? I guess some of the other methods of drawing out the poison like suction cups might also work on individual stings, but I am sure that our resident Nurse Sheila may also have some advice on their use and other possible mitigations. My wife read that they don't like peppermint, but I cannot see walking around smelling like peppermint for the rest of my life LOL!
  9. Glad to say they got the fire under control, all is well now in the INW (Inland North West). Sheila, thanks, you reminded me that since I have forest on three sides of my property, when the weather cools down, and we have a little rain, I need to work on my defensible space more. I did some work, but need to do more to get rid of the ladder fuel (tall brush and hanging branches) to reduce the possibility of the trees catching on fire, because then you end up with a fire storm. Patrick, Rowan Atkinson always is amusing.
  10. California isn't the only place on fire! I was called out to a fire 6:30 Sunday evening, and got home 4:00AM Monday, only to be called out again at *:00AM and was there until 3:00PM, then was called out to a car accident where both cars burned, and one lady died, got home at 4:30 Tuesday morning, and then our power went out at 10:00AM, so I went to see why the generator didn't start, only to get stung by a couple of wasps. Normally not a big deal, but I am allergic to them and with no medicine will go into anaphylactic shock. So popped a couple of benedril quickly, then stabbed myself with a epinephrine doze, and the wife took me to ER. They took the normal vitals, gave me an intravenous doze of steroids, and monitored me for 2 hours. I got home only to see a fire truck rushing down one of the roads to Green Bluff, and said to Susan that cannot be good. We were not in the house ten minutes when afire helicopter was level with our living room window and very close to the house. We got really concerned then, because my pager went off and I was going to another fire, but it was literally 1/4 mile below us, it is about 2 miles by road. I was doing traffic control again, this time watching a fire moving up the hill directly towards my home, with nothing but forest between, so it was more than a bit concerning, having lost one house to a fire. Fortunately the BLM forest fire team, and the DNR fore team and of course the local fire dept were all there, and got it under control. This fire apparently caused by the guy who bought the property 1 month ago, decided to try some 4 wheeling on his property and the catalytic convertor or the muffler was hot enough to start a fire in the grass around his vehicle, so naturally it burned up as well. So if y'all think you are having a busy 3 days, think on my last 3 days! Naturally I called dispatch and said I am taking a couple of days off LOL!
  11. Yes it was great at the time, but I have only had $50 sales since then on Alamy, and not that frequent
  12. Highest here was less than $100 back when we git paid rather than prostituted ourselves, but on Alamy I had a single sale of $500 for a grizzly bear shot
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