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  1. Patrick, sometimes folks get a little carried away with protecting a scene, and the helicopter pad with an injured person is considered an adjunct to the initial scene, so they were probably just a little too zealous:-) As you said you were outside of the immediate area, and using a telephoto lens , they were just a little overly protective. It all has to do with training and the number of events one is out on, as to how one responds to a photographer. I have had times when I have been accomodaiting and others where it has been necessary to be a little more officious. It is a call one has to m
  2. Sari is right, and of course the fire departments also have paramedics, who probably were attending to the injuries. I have had First Aid and CPR plus the use of defibrillator training, so naturally if the only person around with the training would be involved more with the scene, besides just keeping everyone out of the scene.
  3. Yes Sari, it is a pickup, and I guess you might call it a camper shell, but I have some 50 cones, barricades and other equipment in there, including electronic flares, etc. Sheila, it started early and we have had several fires every week. The second one I went to on Monday morning was a young lady driving too fast (possibly under the influence) lost control, crashed and it was probably her catalytic convertor that started the fire.
  4. We have had a lot of fires up here recently, in fact I was at two fires over the weekend. Got called out to a fire north of us a ways, spent 5:30 PM, and then was asked to go another fire, got home 6:15 next morning. Here is a shot I got of my vehicle and the fire
  5. The wife had a little excitement the other day, one of our resident chipmunks decided to come in the house, she and the dogs were chasing all round the bedroom and into the closet, finally managed to get it heading toward the door and out. we laughed thinking about how that chipmunk might be sitting around with his buddies, relating what a close call he had in that big house πŸ™‚ We have seen Marmots recently, for the first time since we have been here, everyone tells us that that is an anomaly since they had not had any in living memory. We have had Elk on our property a few times, these ar
  6. Sari, although I have killed a number of animals, obviously for the meat, I have not done so anywhere near where I live for the same reasons you mentioned, plus they become somewhat desensitized to humans unlike those that don't encounter humans often. My wife and I feed the deer in the winter with corn, go through about 60-80lbs a week. We grow alfalfa in our field, and they can eat as much as they like and do. We have a water trough for them in the summer, they share it with all the birds, but the birds also have our pond, and we feed them, in fact have 5 feeders, go through a 40lb bag of se
  7. Sari, I agree about the traps, and I am a hunter! I don't think anything that can only injure an animal rather than dispatching it completely is ethical. This is why I also think it is unethical to hunt without practicing with the tool of choice previously and often. I am both a Hunter education instructor and a International bow hunting education instructor, and feel that it is a hunters responsibility to dispatch an animal as humanely as possible, this does not include leg traps.
  8. Sari, looks like the coyote in your video got its leg broken in a leg trap. And the vultures look like Turkey vultures, we have those around here, but had even more when in CA Sheila, you are having the woes with the appliances. I can and have installed them myself, but now prefer to have fun in my limited time left on this planet and hire others to do it like you.
  9. My best shares deal ever was buying APPLE stock at $18 back in 1980's I sold half of them back when they hit $240, got my entire initial investment back. They then went to $650, then did a 7 way split at $92 a share and have since gone up to $135, so I have around $300,000 of APPLE shares that is completely funny money, so when I buy a new APPLE computer, I don't really care what it costs, because it is free basically. Hopefully your Dad had some shares like mine Sheila!
  10. Hey guys, I don't know what happened, but for some reason few months back, I was unable to get into the forums for a while, not sure why it worked this time, but just wanted to let you know I have MIA because of a technical hitch, not because I have not wanted to participate. I have been reading your posts, keeping up to date with all your activities. πŸ˜‰
  11. I thought it was the contrary, in that it is the safest place to be with the greatest protection? But then what do I know πŸ™‚
  12. L My arm feels the same way! My reference to the Romans in the UK was my implication that I am that old πŸ™‚ Of course I did live in Rome for 2 years (really), so became very familiar with modern Romans. Don't have many squirrels here, but lower down the hill I have seen some, we just have deer, turkey's, quail, magpies, lots o small birds, the occasional bald eagle and hawk, and coyotes, although have not seen one of the latter near us for a while. Had a brief visitation by what was obviously a domestic rabbit for a couple of days we fed it, but it has since disappeared.
  13. I am American and British (dual nationality), parent went back and forth between the US and the UK, but from the age of 10 I grew up in the UK, had an English mother, she won the argument about where they were going to live. Interesting thing is that they had 2 kids born in the US and one in the UK, the Brit brother stayed there, while the two yankee kids came back to the US LOL! When in the UK, I lived in Cambridge, Sawston, Huntingdon and a small village called Great Staughton. Parents moved to Dorset when all us kids vacated the home.
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