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  1. Sheila, bummer over cooking the turkey, but you can make some curry using it :-) Susan went untraditional on me and did Lamb instead, and we will be having lamb curry in a day or two with the left over. I am not a cat person, but love my dogs, however, found I have mice in my barn, so may need to get a barn cat or a rat dog, (Jack Russel)
  2. Have the same stuff on the right of mine as well! I have been busy, was out in South Dakotas hunting wild Pheasants, got back and was called out by the Sheriff's dept last night a shooting of someone who tried to run the officers down. Was there from 7:30pm until 3:00 Am this morning. Got about 3 hours sleep, so will be taking a nap later today. Then have to go pick up a trailer of barricades/cones, etc., and take it to the fairgrounds for Tuesday AM (5:00 AM start at the fairgrounds). We have to put out loads of cones for traffic control for the "Tom's Turkey Giveaway" . It snowed l
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