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  1. Hi All, I apologize for the silence and for the problems with the PM's. I will be in touch with you on an individual basis shortly. Thanks, Moishe
  2. There currently may be some FTP uploading issues, which our tech team is looking into. If you don't hear from me on PM, there is a chance I did not receive the message, so please feel free to PM me a second time, and be sure to include ALL necessary info such as format, codec, etc. Thanks, Moishe
  3. Hi Paul, We aren't currently backlogged on DVD submissions. It appears that your DVDs may have never arrived. Please send replacements when you have the chance and I will make sure our tech team uploads them as soon as possible. Thanks, Moishe
  4. I apologize for the delay. Here is an answer to the question in your PM: http://submit.shutterstock.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=550399#550399
  5. For submission by DVD/CD, here are the terms: 1 -- This is temporary, not permanent. We will let you know ahead of time when the last day for submissions by mail will be. Right now, we're only committing to accepting them through the end of September, 2008. 2 -- You cannot send hard drives, and you will not get back anything you send us. Do not send us your only copy and do not take a DVD directly out of your video camera and put it in the mail. Please do not send more than 5 DVDs at a time. IF YOU SEND MORE THAN 5 DVDs AT ONCE WE WILL NOT PROCESS YOUR SUBMISSION. 3 -- Please s
  6. Hi Wendy, The buyer's deadline may have expired by the time you uploaded. If they can't read/open the file successfully, we have to give them the refund. In these cases, we require buyers to thoroughly troubleshoot the situation before we grant them a refund. Thanks, Moishe
  7. valerius1974: What was the codec of the clip? Thanks, Moishe
  8. We recommend .jpg/mov over mpeg2 as we will convert your clips to MPEG and offer that format as an additional option. Thanks, Moishe
  9. Hermann, I just received your most recent PM. Our tech team is still investigating the FTP issue. It does not appear that there is any problem on our end, but I will let you know when we determine the issue. Thanks, Moishe
  10. What format were the clips that you submitted? Were all 7 approved? Thanks, Moishe
  11. The clips may have been rejected for another reason that defaulted to "unstable footage". Please feel free to resubmit with a brief note (if you are aware of the submission process, you will see that there is a field for "note to reviewer") indicating that I gave you permission to resubmit the clips. Thanks, Moishe is resubmit 10 hours of reuploading of 7 clips? what note? you made mistake
  12. transcendmedia: When exactly did you submit? What format did you submit? Thanks, Moishe
  13. Review times are generally about 48 hours to a week (at most), but this should come down significantly in the next few weeks. Thanks, Moishe
  14. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, but we will consider it. Thanks, Moishe
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