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  1. Hey Guys - The issue has been solved. Hope its all better now. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  2. I believe the issues that everyone is having are all related. Stat's being off, images not showing up when they should, and the others a like. We are looking into this issue. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  3. Duplicate Thread http://submit.shutterstock.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9437
  4. Hey Everyone - I've been receiving a lot of emails from the past 48 hours about the stats page being slow and not updating as much as it has been. We are looking into this issue and we will let you guys know when the issue has been resolved. Thanks for the reports! --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  5. adamk

    probbably a bug

    I'll look into this more in depth. Can you guys post specific images you are having issues with? That would be a help. Thanks. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  6. There's an update coming soon to submit that will show you all that's happened to your footage clips... It will probably be coming up next week. Until then. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  7. Can you contact me so we can go through some tests to diagnose the issue? Thanks. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  8. I would like everyone to know that a few people have already begin to contact me and I have responded to them. They are also confirming that they are NOT getting the autoresponse from support. For these people (and anyone else on the forums out there), they also will not be getting any emails from us, including rejected reasons for batches and such. So if you are one of these people who have not yet contacted me and are not getting emails from us, PLEASE contact me. Thanks! --Adam
  9. Hey Everyone - I'm sure that there are a lot of you who are very frustrated with the fact that contacting support leaves you with no response. I would like to remind everyone that any emails that we do receive are responded to within 72 BUSINESS HOURS (3 business days). If you email support, you should get an autoresponse within a couple of minutes letting you know that we got our ticket. If you do not get these e-mails, there is something wrong. We respond to tickets Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 6pm EASTERN standard time. We are having issues sending and receiving E-mails and I have already taken precautions to fix them. Most of you should be receiving Forum notifications by now. If you are not, and know that you should be receiving these e-mails, it may be because there are a lot of international folks whose E-mail servers are NOT set up correctly and your ISP is rejecting E-mails from us. If this is the case, PLEASE E-mail me directly at adamkirschner@shutterstock.com and I will let you know what the exact reason is for the refused delivery. How To Contact Support and By What Means Check The FAQ First! Most of the questions that you submitters have are answered in our FAQ. Please, PLEASE read the FAQ first before contacting support as most of your questions are answered there. The more questions that we get that are from the FAQ take away time from reviewing and responding to people who do need to contact us. The Bug Reporter There have also been a lot of people who have been submitting bug reports for issues that are NOT bugs with the site. Some of these issues included "My pictures have not been reviewed yet. Why?", "My stats are not displaying correctly, they should , not , why is it wrong?". These types of questions require IMMEDIATE response. The bug reporter is for the purpose of informing the developers if there's a flaw with the website that can affect everyone. For example, if you can upload through the FTP when you are able to connect, but the submitted_photos page does not show your upload, this is worthy of submitting a bug report. Also, there was a bug when browsing the forums would display a download window when browsing through it, this also qualifies as a bug. When in doubt, if you are unsure if a problem requires a bug report or not, you should just contact support. Support DOES have the ability to contact the developers for any reason. For more information about the bug reporter, please click here. The Contact Us Page I personally do believe that this page can be a lot clearer, and a lot more user friendly than what it is now. We currently just went over a plan to try and make this page better, so hopefully you will see changes in within the next few days. Whenever you E-mail us with an account change, please e-mail us your username whenever you are contacting support. There have been requests where people contact support from an e-mail address that we do not have on file, and do not give us their username. It is impossible to make any account changes without this information. Whenever you do contact submit@shutterstock.com, you will receive a confirmation E-mail letting you know that we have received your E-mail. If you did NOT receive this E-mail, please follow the instructions on how to contact me. There are a lot of things that all of you can do to help us, so please try and help us so we can help you better! Thanks! --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  10. Hey Everyone - If you would like to E-mail me directly about issues that you are having with the site, you may do so. I ask you to contact me in such a way so that I can fully monitor the entire contact process so that you are able to contact support. My e-mail address is adamkirschner@shutterstock.com. I ask of you to please send me a private message whenever you contact me. This is only for your benefit. The reason for this is because this would be the only way I would be able to know that you are trying to contact me. If the email does get lost and you do not send me a private message, I will not be able to help you. There have been a few people out in the forums who have taken advantage of me and to diagnost the E-mail issue. While looking at these, there are lots of people who are NOT receiving our e-mails that is out of our control and is responsible by your ISP (mostly international folk). Thank you! --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  11. If you guys are having issues contacting support, please contact me directly at adamkirschner@shutterstock.com. There are email issues that I am trying to figure out. When you email me, please make sure that you send me a private message and if you received an auto response from support, to include the ticket number. Thanks! --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  12. It means that you are not allowed to upload anything to ShutterStock. Please contact support to resolve the issue. Thanks. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  13. You can download QuickTime Here: For Mac: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/mac.html For Windows: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/win.html --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  14. Just letting everyone else in the forum know that there was an issue in our system and it has been resolved. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  15. Since, we just went live with Footage, I will try and work on the widget some more. --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
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