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  1. i am from malaysia. so shutterstock deduct the fund automatically and how frequent does this happen? every 3 months? thanks again
  2. hi all, my earning drop about 30 dollars without notice, should i be worried or it is just a glitch. anyone experience this? thanks, thomas
  3. still no luck, is there any alternative ways? i don have any problems with other sites though. does shutterstock accept compilation in dvd hard copy? thanks again
  4. hi dapoopta, i m not quite understand. is it go to Edit-> Setting->Passive Mode->Fall back to active mode. If yes, it still keep on restarting and not continuing from transferring. thanks
  5. Hi all, Recently I have problem with the software, like when connecting and transferring video files, the software kept on disconnecting and auto reconnected and the files kept on restart. this is very frustrating as i have to manually go in the ready to submit area and delete all of them, those unfinished upload with a error in their thumbnails. do you have any other software that works like filezilla? or do you think it is because my connections problem? thanks. thomas
  6. thank you for reply odesigns, first all, wow, you footage is Professionally shot! Love the work. No wonder I got rejected all the time, haha. Maybe I should try my luck again and resubmitted the clip. cheers.
  7. hi all, first of all, happy new year! sorry but just wondering anyone experience this lately regarding video acceptance. i have 2 clip below accepted without a problem on istock but got rejected here as reasons below on each clip. http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup.php?id=10944623 ( reason rejected : Unstable footage / camera movement. Please use a tripod for all footage.) http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup.php?id=10325785 (reason rejected : Unstable footage / camera movement. Please use a tripod for all footage.) i am just wondering do we have to shoot all footage on tripod from now onwards? please enlighten me admin, thank you. regards, thomas
  8. married! my daughter 9 months old today
  9. i planted a seed i walk away i let the nature do its work as i realize i am a servant and not a controller.
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