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  1. Thank you teekaygee The form has been sent waiting for review Is anyone aware if we receive notification of acceptance of the on-line form? Anthony
  2. Didn't someone say theres only 3 microstock agencies operating in the US? SS and two of the smaller ones I think.
  3. Thats the point though it is more hassle than it's worth for some I am in the UK and do not wish to have such personal and important documentation in transit to the USA and to get my Passport or Drivers Licence validated is not an easy task My thoughts exactly! Even if it was easy and free to gather the relevant info, I still would not want to do it.
  4. Why? His income here wont reflect the average SS contributor. It's probably worth his while to supply the information. To the average contributor this is just not worth the effort.
  5. The treaty means you don't have to pay the 30% to the IRS,but you need the paperwork to prove you are British. However SS are asking for over the top proof. As others have said the form without the ITIN number is sufficient.
  6. It's irrelevant (to me) how easy or hard it is to get certified copies done. I'm not prepared to jump through hoops to prove to them I'm a UK resident! Simple.
  7. So I have to prove my British status to the IRS. This is nuts!! Sounds like just another US scam to hold info on the whole world. Likely the legal fees will be more than I earn at SS in a year. Not interested thanks.
  8. I think you are repeatedly misunderstanding what the OP is saying here. His original image has been used to create new images. Clearly this is against SS rules and needs to be addressed. The OP is NOT saying the thief went to the same location and took a similar angle shot, which if he had, would have been ok.
  9. Thats an easy way out.and a pretty bad excuse for submitting crap. My point being, if they signed people who had more idea about stock in the first place, they wouldn't see so much crap from chancers. This place should not be seen as an on-line training program!
  10. If these people see so much crap day in day out, then maybe they should insist on better quality control during the initial photographer acceptance process. They only have themselves to blame.
  11. Is it true that if you save a jpg many times you will lose quality? thehehe whats jpg please?
  12. Going well but you'll only get there if you get Rinder involved ;-)
  13. Same here, keep a little of the effect. White point selection from white logo on tee shirt
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