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  1. Still waiting for fresh content view update to our portfolio pages...
  2. So did anyone get any singles from this new type of pricing plan yet?
  3. It seems that we can not do anything about it, I guess it's safer to relogin every day, I don't see why else would they want us to do that.
  4. I wanna wish you a speedy recovery too!
  5. It was fun to check this thread again 5 years after the race...
  6. Yeah it seems that they started working on it.
  7. Seems like it is the same for everyone, I hope it gets sorted soon, it is really bad to see a 0 day for sunday even if it wasn't really, I hadn't had a 0 day for long years now.
  8. I guess it doesn't show up for anyone.
  9. If there's gonna be a new one, I wonder if the same designer lady will get it done as before or will they try to involve the users of the site? They could make a nice contest with some prizes, I would really like that option.
  10. On our contributor page there's no green SS logo anymore. Are they gonna change it or what?
  11. They say we don't like changes. Well, in case changes are as cool as this one, we just love 'em.
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