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  1. disappointed in the level of feedback shutter is giving their providers and customers. or rather the lack of it. in my opinion this matter should be addressed.
  2. Europe....Scandinavia....Norway (the country) and Haugesund (the city). Reason why I wrote it like that? 'cause most americans think that Norway is a city in Sweeden heheh Haugesund is a small town (40.000) on the west coast of Norway. We have a big jazz festival (SildaJazz) and a movie festival (Amanda) in the summer. Not too many tourists visit Norway and I can understand why. Prices for instance are very high (about $8 for a beer in a pub), but it's really a great country with loads of beautiful nature and very open and friendly people. .: End of geography lesson :.
  3. Here is my bestseller with 394 dl's (since last may):
  4. Awesome just perfect !
  5. It's been said that the footage section were to go live between march and april I believe. So I'm guessing they're working hard to accomodate that deadline. Perhaps they just don't have the time for anything else at the moment. Anyway, looking forward to beeing part of it
  6. Many Great images to be found in this thread. This was my first 25 cent image: I also have to quote Cindy here and ask the same question she did.....What exactly is a tracking spreadsheet??
  7. i'm a bit confused. some ppl claim that .mov files are NO good and others say that .wmv .mpg's are bad and that .avi with no compression is the only way to go, etc etc... some say that 720x480 is good enough while others say that HD is the only thing worth while. (noobie question: HD = 1920x1080 ????). I just started rendering 3d animations for footage, and all of these expert comments in here just throws me outta wack heheh, there are just so many disagreements. i have a 15 sec. 720x480 no compression .avi file and it's 600MB !!! surely if i made this a HD it would be twice that size? so there HAS to be a way to make them some sort of standard that pro videographers and editors all can use? I tried the .mov and it was reduced to 75 MB with no visible quality loss. i even tried xvid (for comparison) and it became a 10 MB file with no visible loss. (of course when i say visible loss i speak of myself and my untrained eyes). i'm just confused is all. i have the tools to make anything from as large in height x width as i want, to as compressed as i want, but have no clue as to what i should acctually make.
  8. same thing happens to me. i also get this: ERROR:> Timeout (60000 ms) occurred on receiving server response. ERROR:> Failed to establish data socket.
  9. I know about the specs for allowed footage, but what is acctually preferred by the downloaders? Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? What sells and what doesn't.... For example: - is 720x480 more versatile than 640x480? - are 60 sec clips more in demand than 15 sec clips? - do downloaders prefer quicktime or DV? etc. and here's a twister....is it better to isolate objects against white (as is tradition for photography) or green (greenscreen sort of thing)?
  10. dimjim

    my 10 first pics

    TIP: NeatImage is a great tool to correct those noise problems with
  11. Finally I got an answer and i'm very pleased to announce it here: Yes, we are accepting 3D animations! To clear up confusion, somewhere it says we are not, this is NOT true. We are accepting 3D animations! --Adam S. Kirschner Programmer/Tech Support ShutterStock, Inc.
  12. OH SWEET LORD you just saved my week thank you so much for that answer. been trying for a month on the footage category of the forum, but have had no response there. again thank you looking forward to getting those 3d animations rendered & submitted ;D
  13. Are 3d animations allowed?
  14. Have this thread been forgotten by the admins? heheh Please, if there's anyone who can answer the questions about 3d. Because if (crossing my fingers) animations will be accepted in the near future, I have a lot of work to do
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