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  1. Shutterstock now has billions of photos online. Most never even get seen anymore. Over the years I built my portfolio up to over 20k images and 6k videos. Yet I now make about 1/8 as much as I did in 2012 with a portfolio a fraction of the size. If I didn't already have so many photos up I wouldn't bother. Do the math. Billions of photos in the database, with millions of new photos being added each week... and when you do sell one, you will most likely see only 10 cents. Ask yourself, is it worth it?
  2. On video you can zoom, pan, or any camera motion as long as it is stable and it suits the shot. As for video sales, I make far more money on ALL of the other sites for my video than I do here. Shutterstock's staggering price/royalty cut doesn't seem to have done a thing to increase sales. And it actually makes me angry when I see one sell here at that rate. Some of my older video is pretty crappy but it's still worth more than 37 cents. That said, I hope Oringer finds a suitable home to replace the $52 million cottage he is selling....
  3. I no longer even check. When I am making as little as ten cents on a photo and 37 cents on a video, why worry? That said I've also realized how pointless it is to give SS any content. For a while I had gone ahead and uploaded them here since I was giving them to everyone else too. But I just shot footage of a very unique situation that is going to be in high demand and I know no one else has footage of. I realized I CAN'T AFFORD TO ALLOW SS TO HAVE THE FOOTAGE AND LET IT GO FOR 37 CENTS BECAUSE IT WILL COMPLETELY DEVALUE THE FOOTAGE EVERYWHERE ELSE. I was going to give it as exclusive to
  4. I just ran into this today. Been uploading to SS since 2005 and never ran into submission limits. Now this. It's just one more thing to make sure our earnings keep going down. I don't like it.
  5. It doesn't say he is selling because he is broke. He is probably after a bigger one.
  6. Yes. He is certainly struggling. Perhaps we need to start paying to contribute here (not that it would be much different)
  7. Oringer's $52 million house for sale... https://www.wsj.com/articles/shutterstock-founder-jonathan-oringer-lists-hamptons-home-for-52-million-11620155435?mod=hp_listc_pos1&fbclid=IwAR1ah41ZdpJamPv1Z9UfpdYPj6jL8kScyWOpUmo6x7OvovkyCFzaQG3MtlE
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