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  1. VERY SHARP DECLINE IN EARNINGS. This was compounded by SS also making video clips available by subscription. So instead of seeing $20 (which is pathetic for video) and up on video, I'm now seeing 44 cents for my videos. I can't see any sense in uploading here anymore. It isn't just a matter of not making anywhere near enough for the work, it also devalues my work elsewhere for it to be available on SS.
  2. Very BAD idea. When people can get something for nothing they aren't going to pay for it. And it devalues the work of ALL photographers and ALL videographers when people do it. If someone thinks their work is worth that little, they shouldn't upload it anywhere.
  3. SS has made it clear since day one they couldn't care less about their contributors or the health of the industry. So they certainly won't give us an opt out option, they know we would all select it. But I think SS is about to learn that none of us care about SS either. What's the point? 10 cents? 43 cents? I can't park my car long enough to open the door and stand up and push the record button for that.
  4. I didn't actually realize the thread was so old. Added to the insult of the 10 cent commissions that have been ushered in SS has rolled out video subscriptions and I'm seeing sale as low as 43 cents. I just can't do that.
  5. Of course once you have invested in over the top production values, models, locations, or food, props, styling you get 10 cents for your effort. At this stage of the game SS is getting a lot more than it is paying for from even the very worst contributor.
  6. Since SS started the video subscription program the vast majority of my videos are licensing for 43 cents. That's just insane and I can't see any reason to let SS have my work any longer. In fact it's detrimental to my business and the industry as a whole to allow it.
  7. I doubt they will get that lucky. Even with COVID still cutting across my assignment work I just can't bring myself to shoot and upload something for SS when I know I could see as little as 10 cents for a photo and as little as 43 cents for a video. The rates were a joke before, now I can't see anyone being foolish enough to believe they can make any money at all here.
  8. I license only single image, not subscriptions. Lowest price is on par with single image prices across agencies, $15. For over 50,000 impressions it doubles. Work that is highly unique and not just generic stock is more. I also sell fine art photography. My art sells in several tiers. I can't give you exact prices on these because I don't have them. It varies. I've had photos sell as art for over $2k but its rare. I've had stock license for between $800 and $1800. Again rare but it sure feels good. Comes down to finding a buyer that isn't a cheapskate and having a photo that is exactly what they need and can't get elsewhere. Even before I put up the stock section on my site I would have people find my images on google and want to buy from time to time. On marketing I can't give you a formula. I don't think running ads would be profitable. I've had my site on the web over 20 years. It's #1 on google for several searches. I also have several other fairly high traffic websites that are like publications and I push people to the stock from there. I also have a site that I sell LA art from and prices there start at $100. I can't tell you how well it will pay off, I'm just launching it in earnest now. I used a plug in called Sell Media on a wordpress site. If you know WP you will be able to figure it out and take payments through PayPal. Don't underprice. At $15 per license I feel it is too low, but on par with the market. If you were trying to license them at a buck a photo like micro, you would have 35 cents come off the top for transaction fees on each sale and also your marketing costs even if it is in labor. Also the customer has the advantage of no hassles They don't have to subscribe etc. They can deal with a real person if they need to. That is worth something too.
  9. Why bother? You can make more money (i.e nothing) posting them to instagram and get a lot more appreciation. And you don't have to take the insult of a ten cent payment.
  10. Exactly. 10 cents is worse than an insult. A credit card company charges more than that to process the transaction.
  11. Yeah, I've had several roll in at 43 cents in the last 2 days. I guess it's the "new normal" at SS. I've gone exclusive elsewhere since the new rate plan and was just going to leave my existing work here where it is. Now I feel I need to take it down. At this rate I have NOTHING to lose by taking them down and it will only devalue the whole market if I leave them up.
  12. I guess ten cents is a big step up from free! So typical of how SS twists the narrative.
  13. Simple. I've had 10 videos sell for 43 cents in the last two days. Not only is it not worth it, having my work here at a price that won't even pay to park my car for five minutes, it devalues my work everywhere else too. Oddlly, other agencies aren't undercutting the market anywhere near as bad and yet I sell more video on the other sites. If I leave it up here, the other agencies will soon cut prices too. I had planned to just leave my work up here and not give them more, but at this point I feel I need to take it down. There is simply no point AT ALL in shooting photography for 10 cents or video for 43 cents.
  14. My own site. And no, my prices are not similar to microstock.
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