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  1. Teleconverter advice

    Sent you a PM.
  2. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    Your exmple makes no mention of embeded metadata being imported with the file. Will our keywords and descriptions still be imported?
  3. Amazon's Posters & Prints program

    Still no thumbnails on Amazon and it says "Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available." But I still want to know how much our cut is going to be.
  4. Amazon's Posters & Prints program

    And where is the artists credit?
  5. Missing total sales and earning info

    My earnings total in the email just received doesn't match up with the Earnings page for Feb. Not off a lot but still a discrepancy.
  6. Yes you can right click. Put the cursor in the top gray frame of the open image, right click then works.
  7. Introducing the New Contributor Dashboard

    how is this 'simple manipulation' accomplished
  8. Well I solved the issue of not liking the new contributor page - I've bookmarked the Earnings page - still a distasteful format but less so than the new contributor page to me.
  9. New Home Page Layout

    Yes but is doesn't stay - and the monthly info is in two other places on the page.
  10. Upgrade from 18-55 Nikon Kit lens - Recommendations?

    Try KEH very reputable firm
  11. New Home Page Layout

    seriously doubt it.
  12. New Home Page Layout

    Not a fan. I cannot understand why everything is so BIG. All this could have fit in one non scrollable page I don't like that the default Earnings Summary shows my all time totals, readable from across the street. Why isn't the Unpaid Earnings in the navigation bar not hot linked to the earnings page any more. Why does unpaid earnings need to be in 2 places - 3 if you choose 'this month' in the Earnings Summary box Don't like the Additional Resources images being so BIG. Bring back the pending image thumbnails. What good is the location of 'Latest Downloads Map' not showing location on hover - only as they pop up? Another change for changes sake???
  13. New design of earning table is not good

    Up until today I still had the old interface, now that I really see this in all its glory I hate it more. If you are only selling a few images a day (less than 25) I can see it not being an issue - but having to scroll through multiple pages is very annoying.
  14. Refreshed Earnings Pages Coming Soon

    Terrible interface for the earnings page. Why make things more complicated for contributors?