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  1. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We do not work on the weekends, so emails that come in over the weekend can take longer for responses. We are resending the check.
  2. Yes you can do this. As long as you have 10 separate submissions and they are all saved properly, then it is okay.
  3. From the FAQ: "Simply upload two files for each vector illustration you want to submit. One file is the vector in EPS format (.eps extension) The second file is a JPEG preview of that vector. The preview should be approximately 400x500 pixels. Each file should be named the same - except for the extension. (e.g. vector_example.jpg, vector_example.eps) Please wait until both files have uploaded before visiting the submission page - otherwise the system may not get the chance to process and recognize your files as a vector submission. We support EXIF data in the jpeg and in the eps file. Plea
  4. This error has nothing to do with image reviews. The reviewers are mostly focused on the images and the keywords, so this must have slipped by. If you checked the keywords, "lincoln" was in there. I have corrected this error, so everything is fine now. Thanks.
  5. Not necessarily. If it is another reviewer for your next review, they may feel differently about your images than the first reviewer. It is best to come back with 10 new images.
  6. Merely photographing someone in a third world country does not make the image editorial. The reviewer has to feel like the image has stock value on top of all. In this case, maybe they decided it did not. Also, if the image was a straight on portrait, it should not be accepted as editorial.
  7. You will need to send an email to support regarding this issue. Please no forum posts or PMs. Thanks.
  8. All images and keywords, etc. need to be cached in the system before they are searchable in all fields. This can take up to 3 days as has been mentioned many times in the forum. Without seeing the search that you attempted after getting your images approved, I cannot comment on the other images that remained on the newest first page. For the record though, newest first does mean just that. The only thing is that we are getting more submissions now than ever, so even after your images are approved, many more are approved as well. Patience is important in this business, and if you have t
  9. Questions about payments should be sent to support. It is best not to bring this up on the forums with people who can't answer the question properly.
  10. Emails sent in over the weekend are not checked until Monday.
  11. Issues of copyright and licensing must go through Support. These are not things that are open for interpretation by others. Please only contact support for something like this.
  12. Please don't start a new thread as a way of responding to an older thread you created. This just confuses people and is a little messy. Thanks.
  13. I will delete them for you.
  14. I will delete all of your files for you, but from now on, if it says that your account is closed for 30 days, please do not upload until it is reactivated. Thanks.
  15. You should be submitting clean images and letting the designer decide if they want to add noise or grain to the photo. We don't want the submitters doing this as it could compromise the quality of the image at larger sizes.
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