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  1. Only a minor thing. Is anyone else having an issue changing their profile picture? Changed mine and it's still showing my old image.
  2. After nearly 2 years away it's good to see that things haven't changed. Still the same topic and good old Mr Rinder sorting things out (by the way you may want to listen to him he knows his stuff). If you are moaning about sales and you have an image gallery of less than 10,000 images, stop complaining and go out and shoot more stuff. As many of you have pointed out this is a numbers game. The more images you have the more sales you will make. Think variety and quality. Do the work and you will get rewarded. I did the work when I started out. I've now had 2 years away from stock wor
  3. Nice picture. That video was really helpful hadn't thought about using different photos and merging them. Managed to find two pictures that I had that were taken from the same point. Shame I only get to Polzeath once a year, only another 11 and a half months to wait.
  4. Rasica, I agree that it is good to get to know the settings of your camera. However given that I have had the camera for under a month and that my primary use for the camera is as a children's photographer long exposure is not something I have the opportunity to use. After being away for 2 weeks near the coast I had the chance to try long exposures again and decided that given the opportunity I would like to learn more about and the camera settings available. Previously I have just relied on ND filters and knew that if I wanted to improve I would need to upgrade on the set that I hav
  5. Thanks Mike. I didn't even know my camera had that setting.
  6. Hi, I am looking to buy some new ND filters just wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I am looking for a set which will allow exposures of up to 30 seconds (so filters will need to be stacked sometimes). The fit will primarily be for the Canon 17-40mm L lens. However I would also like to have the option of using the filters on other lenses. If you need any other information just let me know. Chris
  7. Hi, I am thinking of getting a second camera and a bit of on upgrade on my Canon 60D. I have had mine a while and would be stuck if anything happened to it so need a second camera. Due to budget I am thinking of either the 70D or 5D MkII (it will also be second hand). Any suggestions. I am aware that if I get the 5D a couple of my lenses wont fit but they are not the ones I use the most. The main things that it would be used for is family lifestyle photography and toddler groups/schools. Thanks Chris
  8. Thanks for all your advice guys. Will have a look at your suggestions. @Phil not sure my budget quite goes that far but very tempting all the same. Chris
  9. Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for press credentials to be approved? Chris
  10. Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a new walk about camera. Something a bit lighter and easier to take with me everywhere than my DSLR. I was thinking of a mirrorless but have no experience of them. Does anyone have any recommendations. Will also consider other cameras. Only note it is it must be able of producing photos capable of selling through stock (yes, I know that this can be done with any camera before you all start saying that). Chris
  11. Thanks for all your feedback on this. I tried cleaning the connectors, but as expected still had the same issue. I did do a bit of looking around though and found that this is a common fault with this lens. It appears to be that the ribbon becomes faulty. I could send it for repair (but the price of that would be the same as I paid for it in the first place). So I guess it is a good excuse to start looking for new lens. Chris
  12. Hi, Has anyone experienced this error message? I have a Canon 60d and when I use my 17-85mm lens I get this error at anything between 17-30mm. This is the second time I have had this issue with this lens. I had it 6 months ago so bought a replacement lens and now it has happened again with the replacement. I am now not sure if I want to replace the lens again. The lenses were second hand so can't send them back to Canon. I am now thinking of getting either a 20mm or 24mm prime lens. So at least I have something I can use at that length if the problem happens again. An
  13. I'm not asking if we need categories although that is a good question. On the 'buyers' site these are the categories tha are listed: Abstract Animals/Wildlife The Arts Backgrounds/Textures Beauty/Fashion Buildings/Landmarks Business/Finance Editorial Food and Drink Icons Illustrations/Clip-Art Infographics Interiors Model Released Only Nature Parks/Outdoor Patterns People Vectors Vintage The question I am asking is why when, as a contributor, we upload images why don't we see the same options? Are we ap
  14. When do we spend time putting our images into categories that are not used for buyers to search with? Why not change the categories that we use to reflect that which the buyers use? Chris
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