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  1. I would do quite well. But that just shows how bad a technician I am, because I'm ignorant of much of the later (and higher) functionality of Photoshop, I feel most at home with the basics. I still remember that feeling of rapture when I discovered the thing called the "clone tool."
  2. Flickr renders images well. The safeguards against piracy, even if the photographer remembers or knows how to turn them on, are almost nonexistent. My situation is so odd, however, that Flickr works well for me. Most of my work is scientific/educational using a microscope. Because of the size of the wavelength of light, microscope resolution suffers at any magnification greater than 200x, rendering the image as "soft." Replacing the optics with pricey "plan" objectives helps, but still, a sizable chunk of this otherwise useable educational material just doesn't cut it. So it goes to Flick
  3. Well, actually, within limits, here is another way, to remove blemishes within video clips--and its using a tool that is wonderful in its own right: Virtualdub. Virtualdub incorporates a number of filters to modify characteristics of avi files to your liking. One of these filters (DeLogo etc) will allow you to mask out the grunge on a sample still image (screen dump)from your clip using any software that will make blanketing marks on the sample image over the problems. Feed Virtualdub the clip, the corrections still image, and voila, the software produces a cleaned-up clip using the still i
  4. Actually, The image was downloadable and I was able to examine it at 100% along with its exif (shutterspeed, focal length, etc.) The image was made with a 28mm wide angle lens at 1/500th sec shutter speed, so even without a tripod it be reasonably sharp--but it isn't--and at 100% enlargement, the blur looks very much like lens blur. You don't supply any information with this photo, but I suspect this photo of being made with one of a group of awful lenses labeled among other names as "Quantaray" and made with Pentax, Canon, and Nikon mounts. I have also seen reports of these in other focal l
  5. I checked with the search function and I didn't see where this has been discussed recently so... Theoretically, at least some images should send messages that are timeless but from time to time, I have seen in some stock shooters forums a discussion of "The Wall;" that is, a barrier of photography volume and income beyond which each individual stock shooter may not pass without major reorganization eg going from part time to full time including greatly expanding agency exposure and other such changes. The Wall is also reputed to require a fairly high level of ongoing image contribution (per
  6. The color yellow was originally discovered and defined by the daffodils now blooming in my front yard and the sun is newly familiar with its pleasant warmth. I am here in temperate Oregon where ice and snow are rarely seen and, oppositely, where many houses lack air conditioning because my neighbors are able to count on their fingers the summer days warmer than 90 degrees.
  7. I remember in 1984, when I was forced by my workplace to leave the Apple II+ world for MS DOS, how I dreaded the tangle of formats and codecs for images and sound recordings that I knew awaited me.
  8. I sincerely want to thank all of you for your helpfulness. Jubal
  9. The host for my small non-commercial website is starting to screw up a lot so I need a new host. $15/mo or less and I want to deactivate email. Has anybody had any good experiences here? Jubal
  10. I mentioned this two months ago. Since then Shutterstock shares on Wall Street are up 62%--in 2 months.
  11. How about an interchangeable lens camera body with a 16 megapixel APS-C sensor for $315? http://www.amazon.com/Pentax-K-01-Compact-Body-Black/dp/B0076396OA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1359062711&sr=8-3&keywords=pentax+k-01 For another $85 you can get a tiny and very sharp 40mm prime lens bundled. This thing is compatible with every piece of Pentax K glass out there. I've been testing the K-01 on my horde of Pentax lenses and haven't found any that wouldn't mount. It has a LCD screen only (no viewfinder) which was initially a problem until I found a setting that would enlarge the s
  12. Are you having a problem with rejected submissions because of a lack of capability or features in your D90? Remember that megapixel ratings are somewhat mythical. Your 12+ mp in the D90 is a perfectly capable of doing a good job if the photographer does his part. So: if your budget is tight, continuing with the D90 is fine. If you have some extra cash and enjoy playing with new stuff, then remember: life is short-- get the new Nikon.
  13. Years ago I read a book by stock guru Peter Lynch: One Up on Wall Street. His premise was that everyone is an expert on something and that such specialized knowledge gives the investor a unique advantage in his specific area of expertise. I used the experience gained from 30 years in laboratory medicine to decide in 1980 that the biotechnology sector was undervalued. I bought in and ten years later cashed out with a nice profit. Now I see the same opportunity for microstock photography. Most of us at Shutterstock have a knowledge of a number of stock agencies besides Shutterstock. We are
  14. A very worthwhile feature indeed. Especially nice is the larger image presentation. The only problem I noticed is that the "all images" return button didn't seem to work. I am using 64 bit W7 with Explorer.
  15. I looked for another question or announcement concerning this but I didn't see anything. I should be getting paid later this month but the field in download stats showing me my accrued unpaid earnings (to be included in next payout)seems to be missing. (?) Jubal Harshaw
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