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  1. Ok thank you very much for explaining this, Vincent!
  2. Hi, thank you for clarifying this. Would photos taken with the iPhone edited with filters or effects from apps be accepted?
  3. Look left at my avatar. To annanizami: brunette.
  4. suzep

    Sympathy please

    That's really horrible! My gear was stolen in Barcelona in 2006 (they opened the rear doors of the car and picked the bag while we were stopped in the red lights). No insurance too (since then, I buy insurance at the same time I buy the gear). I felt so bad then... It really hurts, I feel sorry for you! I wish you'll have your gear back or will soon be able to buy another gear. Sue
  5. Congrats for your EL's and for your GREAT portfolio!!
  6. lol, this thread is so funny Bichon, nice image! Maybe you should do the WHOLE alphabet? As somebody said before, the only thing that bothers me a little bit is that the word is not horizontaly aligned... but that shouldn't be a problem anyway. I wish it sells well! PS: I bet Cyril is reading this thread haha!
  7. Laurin, please, keep posting links and whatever you think is worth sharing with us. I appreciate it!
  8. ==> 30+ something ==> mother, wife, photo and video microstocker when find time ==> Brazilian, out of Brazil for almost a decade, moving each 2 years average (hubby job).
  9. The movies I really liked I saw at least two times. The first time I watch a movie I focus on the storyline, I like no distractions like comments from anybody about anything that breaks my "insideness" condition. I don't like any comment that is not about the story. From the second time on, I pay attention to the details. Each time I watch a movie, I find something that I didn't notice before and that's nice, because it becomes more interesting and memorable. Watching a movie just once is not enough for me to really see all the work that was done, even if it's in a language I understand a
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