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  1. Strangely enough, this picture sells like crazy lately. I know it will not last, but it makes me feel good This is my best seller as well. Lots of nice images lately sold as I can see ! PS: This is also my first post and I'm not sure I did it right...
  2. Mmmmmmm no referral program yet for footage... This is really a pitty Why would I tell my friends and people I know to come and join ? Why not split this into 25-5% ? Apart from the fact they would get money if they sell... I do not see why I would do it...
  3. Neil, I have had the same problem. In fact I can see my QT movies (MPEG or Sorenson) but DV exports do not show up. These are higher quality than others and I read somewhere they will accept DV. I just think this is at the moment not yet recognized by their software behind to automatically move the files on their server/database ) Let's wait and see ) Eager to know like you.
  4. With this great opportunity for all of us, I was just wondering how will the referral program working with Footage. If we refer someone, will we also get a % of their sales or fixed price ? Just wondering as I'm ready to send a few refering mails to my friends ;o) I'm so excited with this new move from SS ! the more I think of it, the more I imagine the potential this represents for all of us ! I never said it... but like the others here.. I love the way you are doing the business ! Trappist
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