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  1. male Age: 30 About to be single, Going through divorce no kids no pets Degree: BA Communications - Minored in Poli Sci, Elon University Job: Promotions Director, TV Producer Location: Richmond, VA Favorite band(s): Zebrahead, Beatles, Dream job: Already have it, skies the limit from here! Fear: Dying Alone Loves: drinking beer with friends, baseball Favorite beer: just about Any Chzech/Lithuanian beer Favourite cousine: Korean Hobbies: My poor attempt at stock photography Car: Vee Dub Jetta VR6 Dream Car(which I've already owned once in my life): 1974 BMW 2002 Tii website: isosight.com
  2. Someone throw me a bone too My site is nothing special. I just like having some decent photos up for my friends and family to view: www.isosight.com
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    Top seller ever

    Hasn't sold well lately though.....
  4. I'm 4 away from 700, and have a couple video DLs. Nothing special, just a hobby!
  5. My Alma Mater.....Elon University!
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    Sounds like it may be one of those bait and switch joints.....ie expresscameras.com, usaphotonation.com. These guys will give you gray market crap as well as make you pay for the battery and anything else that is supposed to be "included." I just tried to go to the site and it takes me to one of those place holder pages with about 5 pop up adds.
  7. I always thought this one was really creepy....SAY CHEESE!
  8. i totally agree, and i do the same too. i mean, looking at some other similar photos, and check out the keywords. but if you copy everything, without even checking the relevancy (in this case the unique name of the photographer), this is consider STEALING! irregardless of whether if right or wrong to keyword names in the first place. Remind me not to steal your keywords.....irregardless isn't even a word Aside from that, copying someone's keywords is not stealing. That's like saying the first person that put the word "lake" in their keywords would be the only one to use. It's a moot point anyway.
  9. Wow there are some great websites out there. Please visit mine if you get a chance. I specialize in Richmond, VA pictures and images: www.rivercityshots.com
  10. Twin Towers, Richmond, VA.
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