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  1. So my account is banned, i have to login to contat support. How can I contact SS ?
  2. Really in a mood to reply to this... So when that kid or anybody u can imagine decides to steal something, break somewhere, hurt someone.. well u imagine it. Whats their main trigger psychologically...lets use facts for a difference Is it or is it not the confidence that they will manage to do it ? Who of them would go if he was sure or very very doubtful that it will be a fail? So lets say if one has gun, what would give YOU more confidence to stand in front that criminal ? Chain,bat,bottle knife ? Or a gun, logically, u promote owning it yourself. Now lets get into head of a criminal. What makes you think that he couldn't came to same conclusion as you that the gun gives more confidence but looking from his side? You really think heaving a gun to that kid doesn't mean raise of confidence, well, lets say a small push of confidence just over that thin line where he really decides to do it. And if u are fighting crime your goal is not to enforce the confidence of people defending themselves, but to hit the crime itself by reducing the factor that gives a criminal more confidence to go after crime and in some cases that "more" comes with a gun and is enough to be the trigger. So would less guns stop the crime? Of course not, but it would stop the cumulative confidence in potential criminals and heavily reduce the numbers for sure ------------------------------------ Your next point is that they are getting guns from...I quote you "home invasions" Really interesting point... What if someone invades your home and get your gun and kills someone later or sell it to someone who will do it ? So are you ready to take real consequences if the worse happens ? Whats the worst legal action you can face if that happens ? And if guns are wanted stuff among criminals they are partly becoming direct "goal" of the crime and the fact most people have them makes more home invasions even more inviting. That much Peace
  3. I stopped watching TV maybe 6 months ago...completely Man, is that an experience
  4. Are updating but i have one day lost 23th Same case here
  5. So is there a way they would make an exception , i accidentally cut-paste files from main folder when sending to SS instead copy-paste a i never sent them to any other sites. So the only place in the world they can be found is here on SS. Its 125 images in a raw. Is there somebody I can contact about this ? If SS cannot help me can I buy my own images back or that's against policy of the site? Thanks
  6. Uh now u made my day, I was thinking this was permanent and didn't like it at all.
  7. +infinite I totally agree with you, johnnorth! +1000 let the buyers decide unless it's horrible.Theres not a Photo Editor alive that knows what will or wont sell. sorry + several million! Just had one rejected for LCV which is a type which sells extremely well for me here. It's ridiculous. If the reviewers aren't aware of what sells well here then they should not be given the power to make that call. +1 SS can always delete images that didn't sell for a period of time but let the buyers be the one to decide if image has a potential or not unless its really bad.
  8. Thanks for trying to help me Nope, I didn't use any function at least that im aware of. Now i tried reproducing the image again, and now when i save it everything is ok with layers , but im getting 70+mb files. On transparency preset menu i have vector to 100 , and checked 2 options by default...strokes to outlines and clip complex regions. When i put vector to 75 i get normal size files , so is it ok to save with that option or ? Or maybe i used to many elements with transparency ? I made a test , i took one old vector of mine put on top layer an circle and made it transparent with soft light option. It made my 3 mb file up to 5.4mb with 100 vector option. So is it possible that when u use lets say 30 transparent objects u get huge files easily or im just missing something ? Im really confused now , cause logically i think that that vector option should be on 100 , or maybe im wrong. But if im not , then how to get normal file size not 100mb files Sorry if nature of my problem is changed now
  9. Yesterday i worked half day on 2 illustrations, and I wanted to use transparency. I saved my work as eps10 files. Today when i open them again , all layers were lost (everything was in 1 layer) , all elements were full ungrouped , and all placed in one layer in 1 huge group, and background which was an radial gradient lost distance between colors and only showed white. In bridge however my thumb looks normal. I used only transparency and blend modes (multiply i think) , and using illustrator CS4 , i saved files as eps10 What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  10. Same here, I can not see them in my gallery either
  11. I remember when a "real men" meet one soccer player for beating
  12. To bad u didn't ask for fruit , because I exactly know what fruit would Croatia be , as a matter effect it even looks like that fruit.
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