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  1. It's the season finale event for True blood. HBO is holding it in Greensboro NC, because apparently we have the highest per capita viewers in the US... lol, says a lot about us! I have no idea if it's black tie or not...it's not an awards show... http://truebloodnet.com/true-blood-season-finale-viewing-party-hosted-hbo-time-warner-cable/ The entire cast is not going to be there, just some of the writers and some of the lesser known actors (Pam, Jesus, and Terry Bellefleur). It's something, just not sure what to wear! Jennifer
  2. I've been credentialed to shoot the red carpet at the True Blood Season Finale Red Carpet here in NC this sunday. QUICKLY, I need input! What do I wear, how do I function, and any tips on good images. I am so excited!!! THANKS in advance! Jennifer
  3. I have never changed the settings, so i'm assumed they are still factory. I am posting the entire image... surely falloff is not considering 'underexposed.' I thinking it's the lens. I've only just begun to use this grey background, so i've never noticed it much. I don't notice it in the really 'in focus' areas.
  4. Maybe these will post at 100%... tried to embed them in the message, but you can't click on them....let's see... The face is at 200%, but the hair is just 100%, and you can see the terrible noise in the grey background!
  5. Shooting at ISO 200, all of my images in studio, with strobe, at all f stops, show terrible noise. Shooting in Raw. Grey backgrounds are unusable, white backrounds, i can fake it, but the skin still shows noise. Terrible, disgusting, colorful noise!!! Not sure what to do about it. Using my Nikor 17-200mm lens with VR, but usually have the VR turned off...blur is not an issue. What else do i need to tell you guys? Pretty sure i've covered it all, but let me know. Could really use some help! Jennifer
  6. My Superhero/Villain series. This was fun.
  7. Nobody will probably see this, because there are so many pages, but i'm proud of this little guy...he had just knocked his teeth out the week before, and was so worried about modeling!
  8. This is all I got... otherwise, I got nothin'! Jenn
  9. I personally like my butts with a little more girth on them, but then, I'm biased! LOL
  10. Well, I have to say, I'm shocked. It seems that the longer I am on this site, the more bland and 'flat' lit the images become. I had to start lighting with an umbrella on either side of the model, with very small variance, in order to get things accepted. I get that the main market for this is the majority, or however you would say it, but if we continue to count out the creative images, we'll be just like those dvd's you can buy with stock images on them...only they are cheaper, and have like 50,000 images on them! lol Good luck, Forgiss. Jenn
  11. Is there a way, within this forum, to create specific areas for, say, people who shoot product, or people, or landscapes, to meet, and discuss their craft? Just curious, but I have seen it on other sites, but I'm a Shutterstock Loyalist, who doesn't like to roam to other forums. Jenn
  12. Okay, i'll give out free thongs, but if that's you in the icon, you have to take a pic of yourself wearing it, and put it on your icon! On second thought... No.
  13. Actually, they've opted to run with the music CD idea, with art from our creative department. Whew, that saves me a whole bunch of worry. Jenn
  14. Hanes, as in underwear. All of our clients (at this office) work for hanes. We also would be sending to Kodak, and Fisher Price. Just Account Reps for those companies.
  15. I just thought of something... Maybe a custom CD of songs, Holiday, with a custom label and artwork sleeve in a jewelcase. We could turn them out fairly quickly... thoughts?
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