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  1. Don't worry about that image, toss it and reshoot. Sharpness - The difference between the smallest juxtaposed details in the image. Most people do not know which setting on their camera-lens-tripod has the most control over sharpness and it's dark-side noise. Do you know which control it is? Is it the shutter speed, aperture, locking up the mirror (if your camera has that), proper use of the tripod, cable release or self timer, manual focusing vs. auto focusing, depth of field, vibration reduction, raw file, jpeg file, zoom lens, prime lens, filters, white balance or the shooting mod
  2. Hello everybody, I received an email from a very nice person today. In it he pointed out that some of my images were being sold with another persons © on them. I suggest that everyone with landscape images on this site check out this persons web site to see if she has stolen any of your image too. Here's the link: http://janewaters.photoshelter.com/gallery-list Mike Norton
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