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  1. Yes, You are able to legally download Photoshop CS2 for free-But you aren't given the code which is: 1045-1928-2655-8647-2549-1095
  2. just needed a bit of contrast
  3. I have used a G1 and a GF1 since 2009 can't find any faults in either
  4. Barry was correct. I use a baseball style ball cap. And I do take my old hat & light meter with me to the store when I purchase a new one. The trick is to make sure the color of the fabric is red and not a mixture of red and some other color. I'm lucky here in Houston because the Texans and Rockets both have red as a color on their uniforms so a red hat is not hard to find at Academy or some other sporting goods store. I usually try to read the color on either side of the logo and not the brim. I hold it by the brim. When I get a new one I shoot test shots. On these test shots I set up
  5. Nice one Laurin-This balloon is bigger than the real one, at 54 metres long.
  6. something different...... "Patriot Down!" shuttle hot air balloon lands prematurely at Carterton New Zealand Golly and Ted-reminders of childhood House in the sky- aerial mortgage selling
  7. Similar to Bronx speak-"how do cattle breed?"-"True dere noses like we do."
  8. to rhyme word must end "ilver" Actually, not so. It only has to SOUND like it ended with "ilver". OK, but the only two words that rhyme exactly as silver are "chilver" and "wilver" and they both end "ilver"
  9. no-nearest half-rhyme is "salver" by the way, another rhyme for purple: curple-hindquarters of a horse
  10. no it doesn't to rhyme, word must end "orange"-the cockney version of"door hinge"(not sounding the aitch= "door'inge") almost makes it, but not quite
  11. ok, I'll give you wilver and porange-mine are: chilver=a female lamb hirple= to walk with a limp sporange= a funghi yonth= a gland producing fluid=Pronounced"Yunth"
  12. silver wilbur purple wurple orange porange no-wilbur doesn't rhyme,and the other two aren't true words
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