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  1. Very good suggestions. Thank you. I will try that now. Linda you are the best to take the time to show me this approach. I was able to bracket the image by year, and that really helped. Best wishes and a healthy future.
  2. How can I find the date that my uploaded and approved image was done.
  3. This has been in place, and now I find that I mostly am paid $.10, even for my best selling image. Why should I feel good about this change? Seems like and I have more than 6,000 approved images? I am not a beginner. SS, I think this decision should be revisited - the contributor fee schedule!!!
  4. The new image submission format is challenging for me, especially with multiple images. I want the old method back. It must be me, but it is clumbsy, and the copy does not work, and the suggested keywords really miss the point. Then the misspelling check is worse than ever. Is anyone else having issues?
  5. Have any of you photographed the penguins at Simon's Town, in South Africa, at Boulders Beach? If so, please advise me what lenses I may wish to use. I will be there in September. I shoot both Canon and Nikon. Thanks.
  6. Are any of you a PPA member? If so, what benefits do you think are of value to you, and perhaps me, and others here? Thanks.
  7. Here is SS's answer. Dear Tom Barrat, Your email is appreciated. We need multiple property releases, one for the house, and one for each piece of artwork (signed by the artist). Best regards, Contributor Support Shutterstock Visit our support center: http://support.shutterstock.com/contributor
  8. Last week I decided to photograph the dining room in my condo, and submitted several images for review, along with a SS property release. They were rejected for property release needed. I emailed SS, who wrote back that I needed an art property release. I own the art, so I provided another release for the art, along with the first property release. Now I get rejected as follows: Intellectual Property. 337227353 Intellectual Property -- Image potentially infringes on intellectual property rights. I own everything in the image. Any suggestions? The other images had lens correction to make the paintings straight. Thanks.
  9. Just saw your comments. I would agree about that lens. The Canon 70-200mm L, f/4 is very sharp, and I was having the soft focus issue with it on the camera. Thanks for your comments. It is an honor to have you participate in the discussion. I hope your health is improving!
  10. I have taken some photos, now that the focus issue and the hot pixel have been fixed. The images seem to be fine, but the interesting thing is that while I love the Canon 70-200mm L f/4 lens on the 5D Mk3, the camera seems old fashion, after using the Nikon D750. The D750 is much easier for me to hold. The grip is deeper than the Canon, and the Nikon is lighter. Also the Nikkor 24-120mm lens has image stabilization with two settings. One is normal stabilization, while the other is "active" for taking pictures from a moving vehicle. The vibration reduction is amazing, and much better than Canon. It is the little things that bring joy, and the Nikon focus is fast and true...so far. My friend in NYC who has a 5D Mk3 says he is having soft focus now, after just a couple of years. I think it may be a Canon design flaw that shows up after so many shutter clicks. Anyone else out there have these issues? Canon to their credit did try to fix the issues after I got a senior person involved, at no cost to me besides initial shipping.
  11. Here is the latest from Canon on the repair (no charge) for the hot pixel. This is the 5th time the camera has been at Canon in the last 14 months. They may have fixed the soft focus, but I had the hot pixel, and frankly some sensor dust. See their latest. At least they admit to having to fix the camera, and will overnight it to me. Still did not get a replacement, even though I said I would be willing to pay something for a new camera body. Canon: Dear Tom Barrat, Thank you for your patience while I was waiting on the Factory Service Center. The technicians were able to correct the hot pixel issue. Per the repair notes, "Your product has been examined and it was found that the adjustment of the imaging sensor assembly was incorrect causing missing dots on the image . Electrical adjustments were carried out on the imaging sensor assembly. Product functions were confirmed." Your camera is currently undergoing a quality control inspection. Once it is complete, the camera will be shipped back to you. I have requested overnight return shipping for you also. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing Canon. Sincerely, Shanna Contact Center Supervisor
  12. The focus seems better after their repair, but now I have a hot pixel on all images, which was not there before, so today, the camera goes back to Canon for the 5th time for repair. See Canon's email to me: I understand your concern regarding the hot pixel. In order to get the hot pixel issue resolved, the camera needs to go back to the Factory Service Center so the technicians can remap the sensor. I am sending you a shipping label within the next few minutes, and it will include prepaid 2nd Day Air shipping with UPS. The UPS Tracking number will be 1Z8E70R88797663306. Simply complete the form located here:http://www.usa.canon.com/app/pdf/dealer/FSC.pdf . Be sure to note this is a repeat repair and reference RN902321, and clearly indicate that you are experiencing a hot pixel in the top left of the images. Once the camera arrives at the Factory Service Center, I can reach out to the technicians about expediting the repair. Typically you will receive notification by email (provided you include your email address on the form) that the camera has arrived and is being worked on. That email is when you receive your new repair number. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing Canon. Sincerely, Shanna Contact Center Supervisor
  13. I sent the 5D Mark III to Canon for repairs, and requested a replacement body. Wrote a long letter, and later emailed samples of soft focus images. They bucked it to a different group. After 3 follow up emails to them, a supervisor wrote this to me. We will see if they actually fixed the issue. Dear Mr. Barrat, Thank you for response. My name is Renee, and I am a supervisor here at Canon. Shanna is currently out of the office, so I wanted to touch base with you regarding your repair. When your camera was received, the technicians did a full evaluation. They did note that there was soft focus and did a full check and adjustments on the camera. They then performed additional auto focus checks, which the camera passed and it is now on its way back to you. Please test the camera at your earliest convenience. If you still find that there is soft focus once you receive the camera back, please respond to this email to let us know. Sincerely, Renee Conctact Center Supervisor
  14. Here are my last comments on this subject. I bought a Nikon D750, while my Canon is at Canon for repairs or replacement, and all of the images I submitted to SS were approved. No rejections for soft focus. I should have had this camera with me when I was in Europe last month. Thanks again for all of your comments and suggestions. I'll say again, I thought SS was fair. Other agencies do take images that SS rejects, sometimes, but if it is not in focus, even FT would not accept them.
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