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  1. Thank you guys. Agree with you that the image may be crowded, but the rejection didn't say anything about this. I was just curious why do I need a property and/or model release. I've resubmitted the entire batch and all are Approved. So it may have been a bad day for the previous reviewer 10x
  2. Basic rings, no particular marks But what is to do in this case, if it was reviewer's mistake? Should I ignore and resubmit, hopping that another person will review my images? This is one of the image in the series
  3. Hello, I got a very strange rejection today (and not only one image), never seen before. Why is necessary a Property release for wedding rings?!? Not Approved Model Release--A Shutterstock approved model and/or property release is required for this image. From SS property release policy, I quote I have to mention there is no person in the image, nor a location clearly visible. Also, I did a search on similar images (NEW ones) and none of them had model or property release attached. Can anyone please clarify why do I need model and or property relase for this kind of imagery? Thanks, Alin Popescu[/i]
  4. The general impression: I like the new page But: how do you know your last image downloaded? (now the forum topics with show us your last download, are kinda dead ) And more: I loved to see the hot topics of the forum. Please give them back to us Alin
  5. One of the best sellers until now. Very new in my gallery http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-60080746/stock-photo-cold-autumn-days-are-bringing-beautiful-colors-mysterious-fog-and-some-spooky-moods.html And a more spooky variant of it http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-61417138/stock-photo-foggy-autumn-day.html
  6. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=61417138
  7. More car images removed today... soon my gallery will be empty
  8. And this were the two images removed
  9. Today I've received a dry message from SS: "We have removed the following images that you uploaded. Wedding Limousine (1042952) deleted because: Quality Control - Deleted per Legal, do not resubmit" It was my second best seller, online since loooong ago. I don't understand why, after this long time it was removed. The explanation given is so ... I don't know how to say it .. lame? "Deleted per Legal" ?!?! No detailed reason, nothing. The image didn't contain any trademark or so. Did this happened to you also?
  10. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-1192089-smiley-dog.html http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-20874511-cat-playing-in-a-huge-cat-house.html http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-20874508-cat-playing-in-a-huge-cat-house.html http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-3357143-posing-as-a-dog.html
  11. Most of these are on my first page as best sellers. So you can have HDR images on SS
  12. that's the same niche as mine .. I've saved 4 or 5 persons from drowning until now and I was close to drown myself only once. It was also a kid who got me underwater to take himself out, moving and making my life a hell trying to take him out of the water ... the others were adults, all of them friends who adventured way to far their possibilities into the deep water. but they cooperated and let them selfs into my arms following my advice and waiting to be saved. I have never asked myself if it is right to do before doing this, I just had a feeling they wont make it if I will not help them out. I even don't know how I could save them every time I did, because I am a very tall and thin person, not so powerful. But in those moments, the adrenaline took over and I got "super powers". Every time we got out of the watter, I was shaking more than the saved person.
  13. majaphoto, and you got skipped once again.. sorry for that.. nice swan here:
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