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    I also got mine today (Wed. Feb 4)
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    Help with a tripod

    I would like your help with your experience with tripods. I need to get a new one because the one I have been using is sort of a pain and was wondering what do you all have or recommend. I will be using it mainly for my stock photography, so weight is not a big factor. Most of my stock pictures are of industrial and electronic objects, so I will not take the tripod outside (much). I have also been playing with macrophotography of these industrial objects, so I am looking for something that is easy and smooth to adjust, moving it just few fractions of an inch. I have seen that the columns of tripod are either sliding or geared. Which one do you all think would be the best for me? Finally, and as an added bonus, I would like the tripod to be able to support my 8x10 wooden pinhole camera. That's not critical but it would be nice. Again, the weight of the tripod is not critical because the "big box" is already heavy Thanks, Al
  3. I am currently using a Canon P&S that I love because it fits in my pocket and so can carry it anywhere. However, there are a lot of limitations as you all know. So I am in the market for a DSLR. I have experience with film SLRs, having owned a Pentax and a Nikon P80. I am also comfortable with different exposure modes, light and such (I love pinhole and infrared photography -although not together-), so I am not such a newbie when it comes to these concepts. But I am when it comes to the digital format. I have narrowed my choices to a Nikon D80 and a Canon Rebel XTi. I don't own any lenses right now, so I don't have baggage so to speak. I like Nikon, and I like how it feels in my hand. However, the anti-dust feature in the Canon XTi has caught my eye and I am wondering how much it is a marketing strategy and how much it is real. So, my questions... - Have you experienced dust in your current DSLRs? Is that a big problem? - Is the dust reduction feature a "must have" feature? Basically, is it worth to go with a camera that I like a little less? Thanks in advance... Albert
  4. Praise when is deserved! He did contact me directly and was able to resolve my questions and concerns very fast and in a very responsive way. I just want to express my gratitude to the SS staff in general and to Dan in particular for taking care of this issue. Thanks again, al
  5. A question for the SS administrator(s) in charge of footage: Could it be possible to know how many footage videos have been sold to date? We have read in a previous post of one submitter having sold one, but I hope that the numbers are much higher. I think that if this statistic was available to us, submitters, we would be more encouraged to submit our contributions. Al
  6. What puzzles me is that I have used the same exact equipment with the same exact postprocessing in footage that is "unable to process" and footage that has been approved. So let's hope to hear soon from the SS folks that they have resolved this issue! Al
  7. I have some footage that shows as approved, some footage that just dissapeared (I assume they have been rejected) and some footage marked as "unable to process". I have deleted those last ones and will upload them again, hoping that they can be viewed. Because there are no thumbnails of those, I am just doing some smartguessing on which ones are those "unable to process". I just hope that I don't upload any of the ones rejected and get a warning for this... Al
  8. It happened the same to me. The strange thing is that I have 3 clips approved that were uploaded using the same equipment with the same exact settings. So I suspect that the problem should be on the SS end and hopefully they will not make us re-upload all the clips that we have submitted. What should we do with the ones "unable to process"? al
  9. You might want to click on the link "footage clips on gallery". Even my says zero, once you click on it, I can see three clips. My guess is that those are approved even if I didn't receive any email. Interestingly enough, although I received an email approving two earlier ones, I cannot find them. Al
  10. Looks great! Will we be able to have access to our footage statistics before the site goes live? Al
  11. 1117284. Not Approved: Poor framing, cropping, composition or snapshot. In addition to this image, I also submitted three more with the same theme, all of them rejected. Thanks, Al
  12. I have been using Paint Shop Pro 8 for a while and am thinking of switching to Photoshop. A quick search on Amazon shows the following prices (use them for comparison) - Photoshop CS2: $600 - Photoshop Elements 4.0: $85 - Photoshop v. 7: $300 So... what can you do with a software package that costs $600 vs a software package that costs $85? It seems like a huge differential for just some extra features. What's your experience? What do you use? Al
  13. I currently have a digital P&S Canon SD400. I am considering buying a SLR, not especifically for stock photography, although I will use it for this. After doing some research and reading posts in this and other forums I have some questions that I hope you all can help me with. I am considering a Nikon D70 or a Canon 20D although my questions are not camera specific. 1. My P&S Canon goes down to ISO 50. None of these cameras go below ISO 100 or 200. Is an ISO 50 of my current P&S "better" than an ISO 200 of a SLR in terms of noise? In the film world it was much easier as generally larger ISOs meant more grain. But here, how these two compare? 2. My P&S Canon has 5 Megapixels. The Nikon D70 or D50 have 6.1 Megapixels. How does this translate in term of noise again? Is a pixiel the same in the P&S than in the SLR? 3. Do the sensors in both (P&S and SLR) have the same physical dimensions? I guess this would explain the question above? 4. Other than the ability to interchange lenses and attach an exterior flash, what are the advantages of the SLR vs. my current P&S? thanks so much! Al
  14. I just received email notification that my first two batches of video footage had been reviewed. Not too bad, 2 out of 3 approved! However, my question is where did all those videos go? I don't see any indication in my page that I have a couple of videos approved. For fotographies, there is the "Images in gallery" item with the humber of impages that have been approved, but there is no the same thing for video. Where did they go? Al
  15. albln

    I feel sick!

    I second this. I have had very good experiences with them as well as with Adorama (www.adorama.com). Really took good care of my web-based order. Al
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