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  1. I am in AWE! These shots are absolutely beautiful!
  2. Pointless: Oh so many to count People that wear glasses that with just glass in them and not a corrective lens (I guess trying to trick us that they look smart) The pants hanging down pass the A%s and wearing a belt with them, what the heck is the point of that and who the heck wants to see your underwear? A mounthful of goldteeth with sayings or diamonds on them.
  3. The horse pic is AWESOME! Great job!
  4. Lord knows I am not one to critique, but I can tell you what I personally like and dislike. I think they are all very good. The only ones I think dont look as good are the last two. I dont think the model blends too much with the scenery, unlike the one in the red chairs with the blue walls (I like that one) It pops out at you. The ones in the elevator are very cool. Beautiful model and its a warm look. The phone one, eh, kinda boring because that type of look has been done so much. Those are just my opinions. I by no means am an expert, its just my personal taste.
  5. 1. Someone who doesnt take responsibility for their own actions (blaming someone else for the reason they reacted the way they did. 2. Dips**ts that put the airconditioner on in their car with the top or windows down. 3. People who where sunglasses at night (or in a bar) 4. People who try to use a cell phone in a nightclub. (You are just too cool for me) 5. Girls that where crop tops while sporting a beer belly (really sexy ladies, NOT) and one more: 6. Women that wear a regualr bra with a tank top. What is that about? Please wear the correct undergarments because that ain
  6. The things I love: 1. My Son 2. Flowers/gardening 3. Rain on a tin roof 4. DARK CHOCOLATE 5. The smell of fresh cut grass
  7. I just casted my vote for you! Amazing photo!!!! Good Luck!
  8. Well, to be honest I have just been downright slack. I havent uploaded since Feb. so I cant complain. I need to get a grip and get back to it.
  9. rssfhs, I think your photos are absolutely beautiful! Wish I was at some of those places!
  10. I had lasagne. Nothing like good ole starch to keep a body going.
  11. Happens al the time to me, but hey what can ya do? Just hope that once in a lifetime shot that you got and didnt turn out doesnt want to make you throw you camera through a window. Like I have wanted to do but thank goodness I refrained myself. I just keep trying & hope that I can get as good as half the folks on here.
  12. Yes my avatar is me. The soon to be 37 year old!
  13. I will be 37 on 2/11 Like fine wine, you get better with age
  14. I think these images are beautiful and dont understand why they would have been rejected but I'm no pro at this thats why I'm not a reviewer or the greatest photographer either.
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