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  1. Price's name in the caption is what required the editorial designation. I'm sure Shutterstock administrators will now look into this case.
  2. You're not wrong, you just provided your answer based on the image provided. Car models are someone's proprietary work and owned by a company, Phil is correct, it would have to be submitted as editorial. Darla you keep offering your sage advice, ignore those posers
  3. It can also mean an unexpanded pattern. Symbols are okay, patterns are not.
  4. If you keep them under 500 pixels wide, they should upload to the forum and display here just fine.
  5. The answer is: The word INSURANCE cannot appear with an umbrella, believe it or not! The scheme is TM Traveler's Insurance. Remove INSURANCE and resubmit. Stacey
  6. Please clarify "refused" ... do you mean rejected for Keywords and/or Title? Or do you mean the editor kicked it back out for some reason before it allowed you to submit? How many times did you use "meerkat" ? If you put it in the keyword set several times, that would get a rejection. Use it once, don't use phrases like "meerkat standing," "meerkat image," "meerkat family" etc., just use those words separately, once. If not, please show exactly how you submitted it, maybe we can figure it out from there. Stacey
  7. The daily notification of how many sales you made hasn't worked in at least a week either.
  8. There are services that do this very thing, I'm not sure why nobody has mentioned this, https://www.picworkflow.com/ Pardon me but I'm aspie, I don't understand why anyone would not want to deal with an obviously important part of the process, the metadata... I'm extremely possessive about my own metadata because I don't want the wrong data in there, or missing words that are important... the keywording services weren't there for the shoot, they don't know the locations, items, expressions etc. that you were going for when you made the images, how would you supply all that information to
  9. I've had that happen, it was because the first reviewer missed something, the image was rejected by a higher-up later, because they found a problem later. I'm glad they did, because I fixed it and now it sells.
  10. OMG Laurin this one is amazing, your work is fabulous as usual and better all the time. <3 Stacey
  11. For a vector file, it can only be one page -- you are correct, multiple artboards will be rejected. There are no special submission protocols. I've seen designers lay the entire thing out on one page... it's smaller and hard to see the elements on the sales page, but at least it's all there... and since it's vector, it can be laid out correctly for print later by the buyer without any loss of resolution. I've actually seen people lay out 12-15 "flyer" type pages onto one file. I've also seen "series" where the artist would submit each page separately and notate in the Title tha
  12. It's the Polaroid photos. No depiction of the Polaroid shape is allowed in any form, not even editorial.
  13. You are correct Amie, you cannot "autotrace" a watercolor (or any color media) piece of artwork and submit it as a vector, unless it is a "watercolor wash" type design, abstract, without form, those are accepted, I have lots of those in my port (I did include a property release with the original scans on my PR for those). Line art is always auto-traceable if it's just one color. Good luck! Let us know if you run into any issues. Stacey
  14. Actually I've noticed the opposite... when I upload new stuff, I get a flurry of "Sold For The 1st Time Today" messages on my phone app...
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