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  1. Quit whining people. If you can't make $500 withing couple of months the raise will not make any difference for you.
  2. In no particular order - Before sunset - Carlito's way - Rainman
  3. I think it may be good to do it the other way round to encourage new tallent and keep the old folk on their toes [unless you are scared of new tallent] .50- sub $500 level 1 .45- $500-1000 level 2 .40-$1000-2500 level 3 .35-$2500-5000 level 4 .30-$5000+ level 5 Tim That's probably exactly what SS should do if they want to get rid of everybody but the few beginers
  4. Totally with you here. SS stopped being my highest earner half a year ago and since then IS beats SS EVERY SINGLE DAY. If IS keeps growing the way it is now (while SS actually doesn't) I'll go exclusive sometimes this summer.And once again, why SS wouldn't not introduce some kind of size-dependent prices? Say designer has 25 credits per day to spend, small size - 1 credit, medium size - 2 credits, large size - 3 credits, super size 4 credits? At least that would keep folks uploading max available size, not resizing like they start doing now. And what's with the timing?! SS increase the prices for designers right before the busiest month in a year (March) but we get the rise only during the major slowdown of the sales (May-August)? Awesome.
  5. So is hfng really a "she", not "he"?! Henrietta, do you have a picture?
  6. cwwmbm

    Wedding photogs

    Hi, I'm looking for portfolios of good wedding photogs (not necessarily in stock industry). Does anyone have a few links?
  7. Looks good here as well. Sean, my humble opinion- it'd be awsome if you could sometimes describe lighting setup during the shoot Might be useful. You could even produce several podcasts on different lighting setuops with the examples. Although it looks great anyway, I think it's nice of you to do that!
  8. No. Office to rent for a day or two and get a cool photos done inside the office My English sucks sometimes, sorry for misunderstanding.
  9. Cmon guys, share your secrets
  10. I'll be in Vancouver, BC and will have a lot of free time so I'm wondering how do you look for a locations to shoot like office or something? Any media where you could find or place an ad about office is for rent (but of course only short term rent, I don't need for more than a day)
  11. I really think they're good. Too late for christmas may be but still good.
  12. Don't think so. Going exclusive with SS assumes that you costantly shooting and uploading - that's not my case. I have more income elsewhere then here even having that I uploaded a bunch of good sellers during past couple of weeks.
  13. Looks like Nikon guys are trying to convience the,selfs to stick with Nikon... Don't worry guys, nobody will punish you, it's ok to change your mind C'mon, almost all free smart people are with canon already!
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