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  1. Methinks you just shared "the formula" there, Rinder I'd add, don't jump on the bandwagon of what's currently popular. Unless you can do it better than everyone else, your images will get lost in the sea of images and what's currently popular will change in a heartbeat.
  2. But you'll have to define what constitutes manipulation. My sense of manipulation might be more or less that other's ideas... -Holly
  3. And another - http://pyrogas-artworks.deviantart.com/(Dark Messenger image) his: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-388317781/stock-photo-abstraction-crows.html?src=9w938x5QEq6ABayRSYUqsw-1-3
  4. As someone who does wildlife on a regular basis, I can say I like what you've got here. Good eye contact and composition. The whites in the fur on the fox's right side (what we see on the left) may be blown out - it's hard to really tell on a preview jpg. If there is any way you can recover that side, you'd be doing well. I'd also suggest popping the eyes - making them brighter - as much as you can. I also took a glance at your portfolio and see you've got a good start. Some of your images do seem a little flat though, so perhaps play with your brightness/contrast a bit... (specifically the seal and the sheep). The attachment below shows a closeup of your image brought into Lightroom with an "eye pop" performed on the right. There was nothing I could do to bring back the whites, you might be able to do it with the original file.
  5. Yup. My husband (GKuchera) and I are one such set. SS did ask us for an official confirmation at one point to ensure we were two people.... And of course it was so long ago (2006?) I don't remember how that was done.
  6. I don't think that's the top. 2 of mine were higher than that. $30 and $41.20.
  7. Just to offer another view: 6 sales so far since the change, 4 of which were a little less than the previous $28 commission. Comparison: I've been getting 2 or 3 during most months previous. And Steve, if you consider over 5,000 images a small portfolio, I'm in trouble
  8. Good to hear I might have been missed! (...back to work, back to work... grumble grumble...)
  9. Good grief, if we're going to start getting rejections for "misspelled" words I'm in the drink. All my images come back with errors due to all the Latin names (...oh dear, I must be bored - I'm posting again...)
  10. Holiday weekend. Payments will probably be announced Monday morning. Standard operating procedure.
  11. *shrug* Doubt it (that they'll tell us), but it is the season of miracles, right? Which reminds me... Happy Holidays Mr. Rinder from Geoff and I!
  12. Oh my stupidness ... I just realized I was looking at the wrong date. Today's the 18th, not the 19th you silly girl. Let this be a lessen to the wise, double check yourself before posting ...although the new images showing up in my gallery taking 24 hours is still valid... Happy Friday again ... and yes, I know it's Friday! ---------------------------------------- Just noticed this and perhaps I'm just not being patient enough, but thought I'd mention it. My overall earnings went up but I am not seeing any sales on my earnings summary for today - both on the "Earning Summary" screen and on the "Earnings by Date" screen (today's). I keep pretty good track of my sales via a Xcel spreadsheet and have the correct number of sales recorded for each day, including yesterday, so I know the earnings weren't from previous days. It's not a big deal, but will throw my recording off if the Earnings by Date screen continues to not show sales for a few days... Plus, I like seeing what's the big seller for the day Thanks! On another note, having just accepted images take over 24 hours to show up in my gallery was the longest time I can remember having to wait... again, not a big deal, but it might be to someone who is less understanding of the nature of databases and the Internet Happy Friday!
  13. To my knowledge, sales tax is only charged on "physical" product. Our images on stock sites are considered digital so no sales taxes are charged. This may only be that way in my state and I could be wrong, so David's suggestions to speak with an accountant or tax person (someone versed in sales tax) about it.
  14. Pretty kitty.... I've been told a fire extinguisher can be a deterrent ...
  15. My first reaction was to say "No, definitely not." and then I did a search on SS for Legoland and Disneyland images .... and found them in editorial. So.... there's a bit of a mixed message here. The rules say No (commerical or editorial), but the searches say Yes (if editorial). I do know that Legoland (and I believe Disneyworld & Land) have specific messages on their tickets which say you cannot use images taken in the parks commercially. Personally I wouldn't risk the ire of the Disney folks; I've heard they can be quite viscious to people who use their copyrighted property without their permission. Hmmm....
  16. Click the full-terms link - there is a summary running down the right side (not sure it's major changes, but it's something)... although it never hurts to read the whole thing
  17. Could be Usually I just tone down shadows, in this case I went whole hog and eliminated them. Also, the first version I put up seemed dark so I cranked the brightness some more. Oops... I also agree with David and Laurin. This breakfast just doesn't make me want to dig in... (but I know little about food styling, so I will stay OUT of that conversation)
  18. Shadows, slightly less than perfect avocado and underexposure. (quicky fixes to give you some ideas - not by any means perfect)
  19. well... You're right... Still I feel that my cat shot is better than yours - at least it looks directly to the camera I disagree. Okiepony's image at least has a story. And at 251,669 cat images I think SS can elect to be picky.
  20. When removing the Crayola name, don't forget to remove the "swoop" as it is also copyrighted to Crayola. Removing it entirely or filling in with black would work.
  21. This will probably jinx me but... $40 ahead of last month
  22. I agree as well. The photos of him might not sell as well as the "pretty" people, but they will definitely be in a niche that some designers will jump on. I can think of one actor who has a similar "defect" and does pretty well for himself... can you name him? Joaquin Phoenix
  23. Yeah, I saw that a few weeks ago. Paused the tv and called my husband in to say, "Hey. Isn't that Rinder?" Definitely a law firm for mesothelioma. Caught one of my husband's shots being used - quite prominently - on a local morning new show last week. It's nice to see them in action on tv, isn't it? (I'd give you a link to the image, but SS didn't accept it)
  24. A few points: Where did I say all contributors should become reviewers? And yes, there are contributors that have ethics. That was the point I was getting at. Professional photographers ... like those of us who have been doing this for a long time ... would make much better reviewers. And I hate to point this out, but it's amateur, not armature. People using the wrong word in writing is a pet peeve of mine, especially if they are trying to make a serious point. By the way, thank you for pointing out the application and test. I signed up and took the test earlier today. Just waiting to hear back... -Holly... microstock photographer for 10 years, photographer before that for 10 years, artist before that for 15 years ----- All that said - I just had a peek at your portfolio. Very nice work. If your stuff is getting rejected lately, you have a right to be upset! -----
  25. Holly Kuchera

    food photo

    Just remember that it was your first attempt at food photography. We all did bad in the beginning but if you take the time to learn you will see your food photos improve. Yup, food is tough. I did just enough to realize it isn't "my thing". A starting place (there were worse that were accepted by SS that I removed because of the horror I experienced whenever I saw them): But I got better (I think): Keep experimenting with your photography and figure out what makes you excited. Don't fall for "this makes money" cause that'll only lead you into boring work that you'll come to hate. Then LEARN LEARN LEARN until you can photograph what you love with little effort.
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