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  1. Wanted to add that the wildlife shoot was a success ... can't wait to get processing and upload some of the 20,000 images we shot. Had a lens freeze up in the -4F weather but all equipment performed admirably in the -24F weather the next morning (yes, those were actual air temps - we aren't including wind chill) A taste of one of my shots: https://500px.com/photo/192381107/my-deer-by-holly-kuchera?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=865532
  2. It's my husband's new camera and he seems to be enjoying it quite a bit. It'll get its first real test this weekend when we have a scheduled wildlife shoot. I upgraded from the D300 to his D4s and so far I'm enjoying the results ... going to full-frame is a learning experience, but I'm enjoying the better ISO performance and focus.
  3. I would disagree with whomever said animal photos don't sell well. If you keyword them correctly and have good shots (not just your backyard wildlife - unless your backyard wildlife is native to Africa or some such) you can do pretty well. The best thing to know is that keywording and uniqueness are key for doing well in nature/travel and animals.... and realizing that nature/travel portfolios probably won't ever do as well as those heavily filled with people/lifestyle images. You gotta do what you like cause doing a certain kind of shot simply cause "It'll sell." will burn you out in this industry faster than you can say ISO.
  4. Okay, I wasn't going to join in on this but I was feeling weak today Both my husband Geoff and I are photographers that have been doing this for quite some time so get ready for a long list: Currently in use: Nikon D5 Nikon D4s Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 (x2) Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 (x2) Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Nikon SB-800 Speedlight (x2) Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Manfrotto Tripod (x2) Mefoto Backpacker Tripod Zoom H5 Senal Microphone Canon Powershot G9 GorillaPod GoPro Hero2 GoPro Hero3 Black Hoodman Loupe ThinkTank Belt system (x2) ThinkTank Airport Addicted Stuff taking up space in the cabinet/backup equipment: Nikon D300 (x2) Nikon D70 Nikon D70s Monopod Stuff I really should get rid of/replace but haven't yet: Nikkor 18-70mm f3.5-4.5 TC-20E II 2x Teleconvertor Plus assorted levels, polarizers, remotes, chargers, batteries, CF cards (from 1G to 64G), backpacks, softbox ,lightstands, pocket wizards, umbrellas, backdrops, backdrop stand, posing stool, reflectors, diffusers, multiple old tripod heads and one industrial video tripod given to us by a friend. Plus a few old film cameras and all the things related with that (I have a 11 year old roll of slide film in my freezer!) And somehow I manage to store/hide all of it. Why do we have so much stuff - cause our interests and commissions have changed a lot over the years. We've shot everything from products in studio to corporate portraits to charity events to landscapes to wildlife, so it all accrues. I realize we could "sell up" as we get new equipment but most of the time what we're selling has been used to the point where it's almost worthless on the market and doesn't offer a lot in return. Now I have to go watch for the burglars....
  5. Yup, not a good thing. http://dailysignal.com/2016/06/12/he-flew-a-drone-to-take-photos-for-a-friend-now-hes-facing-55k-in-government-fines/
  6. What's your definition of "new here". According to his profile, he's been on SS since July of 2013. Plenty of time to learn the ropes. If he is "new" it doesn't really do much good to spend your first week whining about rejections. Yes, rejections seem unfair, we've all gotten them - the only way to get past them is to LEARN from them and get better as a photographer. I agree with Darla - show us the images and we'll give you some feedback.
  7. I can see it just fine ... I don't know if the contributor experience is different from the buyer experience, but I'm guessing not...
  8. I'm also guessing the rejection was due to the bear - as a side note, your pawprint is that of a dog. This is a bear pawprint:
  9. I had two editorial files rejected for this reason yesterday. Resubmitted this morning and they were approved shortly thereafter. Temporary glitch in the system, me thinks.
  10. Question: When you and your wife joined up, did you notify Shutterstock that you were a husband/wife team who would be submitting to individual accounts from the same IP address? If not, that may be your problem. SS thinks one of you ripped off the other. I know it won't help you at this moment, and that SS doesn't openly advise letting them know about joining as husband/wife teams, but when I and my husband joined in 2005 with separate accounts, SS asked us to confirm that we were indeed married and submitting from the same IP address. We often have images that are similar, or in one case that I know of, almost identical. In the good news, it's the weekend so sales are slow and your sets are still available to peruse.
  11. Well I will admit in the case of latin names I still include the two words as separate keywords as both are valid alone. One case where the split would cause invalid keywords would be "mountain lion" or "grey wolf". I checked and "mountain lion" or "lion mountain" (without quote marks) will both bring up my mountain lion images (approved today) when I specifically used "mountain-lion" as a keyword. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-499968724/stock-photo-adult-male-cougar-puma-concolor-creeps-across-rock-captive-animal.html?src=UypMh7rJ0zIrNIz1wDJAxg-1-33 Keywords animal, autumn, cat, catamount, concolor, cougar, creature, creep, critter, fall, feline, horizontal, mammal, mountain-lion, natural, nature, outdoors, outside, panther, puma, puma-concolor, season, wildlife
  12. I've started adding a dash to all my two word keywords. So canis lupus becomes canis-lupus. I don't know if it's exactly "legal" or not but it avoids a lot of individual keywords that could be considered inappropriate.
  13. Sheep dog herding trials and avoiding the Ryder Cup area at all costs
  14. Not it shouldn't. I was referring to the post regarding removing logos and submitting as non-editorial.
  15. I do know that the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport has an official viewing area set aside near the end of one of the runways. But I don't think the issue is private/public property it's airlines or plane manufactures not liking their logos/constructions being used for someone else's advertising.
  16. Not a good bet. Planes, trains and automobiles (as well as boats and motorcycles) are not allowed as non editorial unless they are "vintage" .... and even that is a dodgy bet sometimes.
  17. Whenever I go as part of a group to my favorite wildlife center to photograph wolves and other critters, the owners of site will only set up shoots during three periods - early morning, late afternoon and if it is overcast. Early morning and late afternoon are great lighting if you have sun - overcast works for noon shoots as you don't get harsh shadows (and their animals don't wear out quite so quickly due to heat). I think the key to shooting in overcast situations is to pick your subject. Shooting the landscape on an overcast day - if it is fall colors and it has rained recently or is raining = perfect. Shoot objects/subjects on the ground = you can shoot during what most people consider "normal" hours. Just don't include the sky unless you can get some drama out of it (naturally or in post). Some of my biggest sellers were shot in cloud cover - granted it was winter in Minnesota, in a snowy birch forest, and 7 below
  18. Well, if going by your current portfolio shows anything: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Creative+Relentless?search_source=base_gallery&language=en&page=1&sort=newest&safe=true Perhaps Shutterstock is cracking down on artists who only change the color in their vectors and only accepting one out of the batch. By the way - "awesome, busy, cool, nice, pattern, seamless, sweet" are not very good keywords. Only "seamless" and "pattern" are really valid keywords. And using the same title for each image in the batch is inadvisable.
  19. I disagree with Barry on blown highlights - those are pretty inconsquential. The color is pretty blue and lighting is very flat, probably due to the HDR process. Add a bit of selective burning and lighting should be fine. You also have some strange fringing going on in the tree line which you may want to look at ...
  20. I've been using Latin names for my photos for years - both in Title/Description and keywords. Example: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-391202728/stock-photo-adult-male-cougar-puma-concolor-crouches-on-rock-captive-animal.html?src=ku75P6uKACkye52KSFXjqA-1-1 Description: Adult Male Cougar (Puma concolor) Crouches on Rock - captive animal Keywords: mountain-lion, crouch, puma, concolor, natural, mammal, autumn, horizontal, critter, creature, outside, feline, season, cat, fall, outdoors, catamount, panther, nature, cougar, animal, wildlife, puma-concolor Always get rejections when uploading for spelling, but that gives me a 2nd peek to make sure I didn't spell anything stupid wrong. Almost always get accepted in the end. I've never had a reviewer rejection for title/keywords.
  21. Does there come a point when contributors over-analyze every second of every days sales? How many business' can expect sales on a fixed schedule? (aside from trends in purchasing) I don't think SS would be deliberately turning people's portfolios on and off ... think of the maintenance and coding that would involve... and then think of all the things that are "broken" with SS. I'm not poo-pooing anyone's ideas, but I don't see the point in stressing about it. (First rule in stock: Sales come, sales go.) Then again, I've been in the art world long enough to know that not everyone will stop in your booth at the art show on a regular basis.
  22. Neither best nor worse of the year (any week shown)...
  23. I got it too, and after looking at what might be consider a likely offender: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-429570190/stock-photo-red-fox-vulpes-vulpes-stands-on-rock-looking-right-captive-animal.html?src=_Cjj40lKBXcy6c2tPaQ_-A-1-17 I noticed the keywords in the edit area don't match what's on the image nor what I entered. The keywords shown with the image are: animal, autumn, creature, fall, fox, horizontal, mammal, natural, nature, outdoors, outside, pond, red, rock, vulpes, water, wildlife What I entered were: animal, autumn, creature, crouch, fall, horizontal, mammal, natural, nature, outdoors, outside, pond, red fox, rock, vulpes, vulpes vulpes, water, wildlife What is shown in the edit screen: (placed in alphabetical order for your ease) animal, autumn, fall, horizontal, mammal, nature, natural, outdoors, outside, pond, rock, vulpes, water, wildlife, So.... Shutterstock... what the is going on? Not to mention that it'd be hard for me, a 11 year contributor to go through all my images to find, let alone correct titles and keywords....
  24. If there are numbers visible on the sails (no matter how small) it is infringement. Clone them out and you should be okay, I believe.
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