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  1. IS and getty are pretty much the same thing. I am on IS and my payments come from Getty. AS is the only other stock site I would recommend at this time. DT is okay, but not the greatest for sales.
  2. Oops - didn't see that sorry. Hmmm.... gray area. You might be okay - I'm not in the know about how cosplay photos (for sale) are taken by the companies that own the characters. it all depends on how DC feels about it.
  3. I've been here for 15 years - I've never made $500 a month JUST from SS. Granted I don't have a "hot" portfolio - I don't chase trends and pretty much submitted what I wanted to. I no longer submit to SS due to the profit reduction of June - not worth it. And a note for you as a beginning submitter - you might want to be careful with the Harley Quinn concepts ... they might be considered intellectual property by DC.
  4. I haven't uploaded to BS since August 2019 and sales trickle in here and there - about $100 a year. My husband also has an account, maintained the same way (no uploads) and brings in about the same each year. If SS turns their attention there and cuts commissions I will finally completely cut the connection. We stopped uploading to IS around 2014 (frustrated by their uploading process and later their method of reporting sales and later the commission cut) but still get about $200 to $300 a year so that's why I did the same with BS. Now if I get a request from AS or DT to open up an image to exclusive sale I don't hesitate to agree and remove the image from SS, IS and BS.
  5. Nevermind - it's back up after a "chat" and email to support at BS.
  6. Anyone else having trouble logging in to Bigstock today? I have been getting a "406 Not Acceptable" error all morning. (I know, different agency but cause SS owns them....) Thanks - HK
  7. Not worth it. I've got bigger issues to deal with in my life right now... (Kind of the way I handle most things from SS...)
  8. I know, I know.... But an On Demand at Level 4 for 0.17? That's just insulting.
  9. Feel free to be inspired!!! I'd love to see what you end up with - I've had artists ask before and if they send me a jpg of what they did I promote their work on my business Facebook page, (Tortoise Productions, Inc.)
  10. Thank you! If you are not planning on reselling the portraits you certainly all welcome to purchase from my other sites (see my website for details). Sorry - can't allow you to remake them for commercial sale. Personal use or to advertise your skills - sure!
  11. Thanks! Off to create some more today - too bad SS won't see any of them!
  12. Hi everyone. Holly here - longtime submitter (2005), occasional forum member. I'm confused. My husband and I have individual accounts. I'm at Level 4 - he's at Level 3. Our first subscription sales after the rate change showed up today; up to tonight we've had single & other sales at the lovely rates I was expecting (that's sarcasm for those who can't tell). Tonight I get a subscription sale for 20 cents. Okay, yeah - I can fit that on my spreadsheet cause I have a column for that amount back when we started. He get a subscription sale for 87 cents. Whaaaaa????? Not that I won't accept it - I just don't understand it. I'm not complaining - I had an extended sale for $21 today so I'm still ahead of him for the month. Yes, we have a friendly rivalry As of today I am no longer uploading to SS nor suggesting them to buyers nor promoting SS on my social media accounts. In the past 5 years I've gone from uploading to 5 sites down to 2. Stock photography has been a "hobby" business to me so I'm okay, but my heart goes out to those who depend on the income for their lives and families.
  13. I've got a lot of what I consider "precious" images, but here are a few... Grey Wolf: White-tail Deer: Grey Fox: Grey Wolf Pups: Coyote:
  14. Not picking on you Steve, but your post made we want to comment. I'm sure the OP was taught composition, rule of thirds etc. The problem is that he is coming from an fine art photography background which is VERY different from stock photography. It's one reason I had to get out of our local camera clubs. I was going for stock quality photos while they were more focused on the fine art side. If you don't believe me check out some of the fine art photography magazines available. It's a very different mindset. That said, I do create "art" photographs - I just share them on my personal sites vs trying to sell them here. I have sold some, but it's a different market.
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