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  1. Congratulations, Shutterstock!  You have sucessfully convinced me that stock photography isn't worth my time and effort any more.  There's just something about an endless stream of 10, 12 and 14 cents that fails to motivate me to supply your greed machine any longer.  Maybe someday, if your stinginess is rightfully rewarded and you become Canstock Photo 2.0, I may re-visit this decision.  But probably not.  Good luck to all the surfs and peasants who keep producing for the pennies they throw at you.  You'll need it.

  2. If you are at level 5 or 6, take your last month's earnings total and divide that number by 2 and you'll have a rough estimate of what January will look like.  Happy Holidays from GreedStock.  

    On the upside, it may cause another mass deletion of the quality material, and thus hasten the well-deserved demise of SS.  I deleted the top 25% of my port and only left the rest because of those ODs and SOs which I seem to be getting more of these days.  It seems that we are all providing SS with essentialy free subscription content in exchange for the "real" sales of those.  Seeing those OD and SO sales at half price in January might make me reconsider another strategic portfolio reduction.

  3. In the end you MIGHT make half the amount you did before IF you get double the downloads, but consider the long term effects of accepting those dimes they toss at you. Sure, you might make lots of those 10 cent sales which will only have the effect of making the agencies which treat us somewhat decently (Adobe, DT, etc) either close up shop or reduce their royalties to 10 cents that much faster.  If you consent to letting your hard work be used by SS to undercut other agencies, you will soon find yourself working for free instead of 10 cents.  Maybe that's their plan?

  4. January 1, 2021

    Exciting News! (For Us),

    Since you idiots are content with accepting 10 cents per download, we have decided to implement our new, improved, simplified royalty structure.  Starting 3 months ago you will now be paying us to sell your images and video. If you have any questions, too bad.  We couldn't care less if you like it or not.  If you choose to leave there are thousands of new artists who will take your place and happily pay for the privilege of seeing their work on somebody's blog. 

    For any and all sales we will be charging you a percentage based on price per asset.  We can't tell you how much that percentage will be, but rest assured it will be fair (for us).

    Bills for our services will be sent to your address on file each month.  You can pay us by check, paypal, or money order.  Have a nice day!

  5. Well, I waited until today to see what June 1st would bring and I was shocked, to say the least.  If "Level 5" is this bad I can't imagine what January 1, 2021 would look like.  Apparently, I would owe THEM money for selling my hard work.  So after 14 years, it's time to say "Goodbye, SS".  You can sell somebody else's photos for 14 cents, but not mine.  I'll disable my portfolio of about 2000 medical photos for now, but if nothing changes, my account will be gone on Jan 1.  

  6. Well....I wish. LOL there arent 70,000 chicken farmers. I left or you left wouldn't amount to a drop of water.. When I joined here . there was 350,000 Images. Now 810,000 are added every week. WE DO NOT MATTER!!!!!!!! thats the bottom Line.


    Not that many farmers, Laurin, but millions of chickens....who go straight to the soup factory the day they stop producing x number of eggs!

  7. If I'm writing a medical journal article about anemia, then a nice pic of a treatment for this illness might possibly interest me, since there would be little else available to illustrate this condition. I can't think of very many pics or illustrations that would "show an anemia".  I'm just a nurse though, so I could be wrong.

  8. Yet another "irrelevant keyword" rejection.  If SS doesn't want any more medical photos because their reviewers don't understand medical terminology, I wish they would please just say so.  I'm a licensed nurse and I know which keywords to use in these photos that they make over 2x more $$$ on than I do!  Between this and the EL commission reduction, submitting to SS is fast becoming "irrelevant"! 

  9. Wow.  Just wow.

    I've never heard a pay cut called a "new earnings opportunity".  

    Maybe it's a typo that's supposed to read "lower earnings opportunity".  

    Or maybe even "screw ya'll, we're keeping more for ourselves simply because we're greedy and we can".

    Nice one, Paul.  

    Great way to thank all the galley slaves that have toiled endlessly to make Shutterstock what it is.

  10. It seems to me as if the SS collection is getting too big and the inspectors may have been instructed to get more and more "picky" about what they accept.

    Perhaps we could "nominate" our non-selling images along with a submission of a new "better" image. With the understanding that the old one wouldn't be deleted unless the new one was accepted.


    This would benefit all of us, the collection would improve in quality while the growth of the database would be restrained.

    I know I had some stinky ones accepted ten years ago that I would love to substitute some newer (rejected) ones for in my port.

  11. Zoltan,

    Your tweaks look way over-saturated on my laptop, but I'll look at it on the external monitor. I like the "natural" look, but maybe these reviewers don't. Thanks so much!

  12. I think I need to take a break from it. I was really hoping to get to 500 this year, but it's just not worth spending a whole day to edit photos for a 100% mass rejection. It seems that SS has decided it has enough wildlife and landscape photos, so I'm sure they won't miss mine. Congrats to everyone who got a decent portfolio uploaded before the door slammed shut. It's just too much aggravation for 33 cents for me.

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