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  1. Same here, big drop in sales especially this year, doesn't matter if I upload new images or not. It was very different 5 years ago when I started, it was very different even 2 years ago, also wondering what happened and will it ever come back to normal.
  2. I don't have proper logs because I use cloud transfer, also for me it can be saying that file transfer was successful and somehow I find only a part of it sitting on the FTP
  3. It would be really cool if SS made a Dropbox sync ))
  4. Well, I don't get anything processed at all. I upload a file, for example, 700 Mb, and after it is done I see it on the FTP but it's only 70 Mb or something like this.
  5. Oh, that's true... I have to get more sleep
  6. Sheila I have tha same problem, actually not only this problem but a bunch of other problems, like nothing showing on the page at all and I go to FTP and there is a much smaller file which I have to delete and try again in vain. Well, I hope to hear from SS that they are at least aware of the problem
  7. Ok I cannot upload anything at all. I started using a cloud transfer service (which was quite a cool solution for me since I got bad and unstable internet I just sync my videos to Dropbox and then transfer them from Dropbox to SS FTP with a transfer service) - it worked really good for a while but not anymore. I can see that the service says "transfer complete, no errors" but the file at the FTP is just a fraction of the original size. All I have to do after that is to delete it and try again. I have been trying for 3 days already. Now that's annoying. Does anyone else experience problems with FTP or is it just me? I've sent an email to support a couple of weeks ago when I first started experiencing the problems but all I got from them was a typical standard reply in the style of "make sure your computer is turned on...." and etc. Looks like we're on our own huh? Vincent? Can you hear us? Radio check, radio check....
  8. And I would go back to previous daily sales design when everything was on one page. Now I have to click through various pages to see what was sold in a day, that's really annoying and actually a bad practice of UX - makes us waste extra time comparing to previous version
  9. Vincent, Maybe you could turn off automatic ftp processing for me? This might solve the problem
  10. It's 2017 and the issue is still there for me. I can upload at around 50 kbps, and it would be OK if it would resume. IT WON'T. It's been 24 hours since I am hopelessly trying to upload a 500Mb video to FTP and it never finishes and starts over again. I was searching through the forums and SS blog and I found that there is an option somewhere "automatic FTP processing" and it can be turned off. Never found it. PLEASE, I really need to solve this problem somehow, I got lots of videos to upload, and I can't.
  11. I am having this problem, trying to upload videos but it's almost impossible because it won't resume Also my network is not very stable, therefore I don't have any idea if there's a way to upload anything. No fix for this yet?
  12. Hi all, I'm just starting to submit footage, can anyone update me on current review times?
  13. Does anyone have a screenshot of the old dashboard? I wish I had it for reference. Thanks Thank you all. The one that shows all downloaded images by day?
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