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  1. Hope can use them http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=827499 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=827548 HHH
  2. I have an idea of a photo you may like, but it will take couple of days to arm everything for the shot! I suppose the idea is to show they can do some things but with some help!?!? and that they enjoy too!!
  3. Actually it help a lot!! I can´t explain the physiology of this (very extensive info), but in short, it promote circulation, better muscles, reduce compression and tension (strees).
  4. Just to be sure you understand this direction!! you can use up to 5 tabs of 600mg in 24 hours, NO MORE!! Means that you can´t ingest more than 1 tab every 5 hours. The top dose is 3000 mg in one day (or 24 hours), do the maths. I sugest you start with minimum dose and increase if necesary.(1 tab every 12 hours for 5 to 7 days)
  5. IS won't let you do that. Really? I didn´t know that! Thanks for the info.
  6. Note: The Probable cause of pain in this case is similar to your problem, but I quite sure is not the same Diagnostic, he refers nerve problems from a diferent level or place. So the trick is to have the minimum weight on the wrist(Hand) thats the important part. That way the nerve dont get compress
  7. The Options in bold are goin to help you a lot!! But remenber first to have rest for at least 15 days!!
  8. I really dont know, but you can submit samples of photos to them (and only for them) so it will be exclusive, and still have other (differents) samples in the others stock places. I dont think is good idea to be all exclusive (maybe a few photos or samples, but not all of them)
  9. Hi, The reason that causes the paint is that the nerve is compress with the table or surface were you put your hand, this usually dont cause any problem if the time is not much, but if you work constanly pressing the lower part of your wrist against the table in a few days or week you start to feel the pain, and get worst the more you work. The reason that you dont feel paint when play piano is that you dont press the lower surface of the wrist agains anything, the wrist in that case is actually in the air. Treatment: 15 to 25 days without working with the affected wrist, you can us
  10. Yes, I see there is a little, but its that enought for rejection? anyway a just summit another similar but without the flowers, thanks for the comments Still acept other opinions
  11. Nope, thats the original color!! the center is white and the border has the color, observe that all flowers have diferent angles from the camara and its a constant that all have center in white!!
  12. I had this foto rejectec just today, but I really don´t see the error, or at least not the Poor lighting, washout or lensflare.since there is no clear noise problem I uploaded in this size. Any comments?
  13. Well lucky me, I will have to kept using it.
  14. And another think, If you submit a photo let say today, and if you submit another, before the first one is review they get all review at the same time. So you can submit the first while you are editing the others and then submit in the next days(offcourse have to be before the first is accepted or rejected. This one I have proven several times. Very sure about this one. try, submit one or two photos every thay, and at the end all review at the same time. all get the scheduled of the first photo you submit. Maybe that why some times the reviewers take more times and another less.
  15. My last batch just have 1 photo and now is 5 day since I submited, the longest time I have wait. The others times that I submit like 6,8 or 10 photos I just have to wait up to 3 days (on weekends), have been faster. Or maybe is just coincidence. (This isn't aimed at the reveiwers either! just making knowledge)
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