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  1. I would like to chime in and say 'ditto' on sellability. I have seen others upload lots of art that THEY liked but were not generally stock worthy. The images/vectors got accepted by SS but overall never got downloaded. If you're going to do vector type graphics work, stick to themes that are simple, fun to look at, have compelling colors. I Think beach sunset vacation themes with vivid reds and waves, umbrellas and beachballs. Design your images to avail themselves to many subject matters and themes. Remember mostly that just because you like your own artwork and designs doesn't mea
  2. Hi, it seems like every once in awhile, the processing of backup CD counts stops working...then maybe someone turns the process on and a bunch go through. Can you please check. It's been many days since I had one of these show up in my stat details.
  3. It's amazing to me that people will rant and write and talk volumes about all sorts of meaningless stuff that has nothing to do with photography. Perhaps some focus and intensity on your taking of photos and working on getting better instead of the endless wasting of time on forums.. Just a thought.
  4. There's nothing keeping you from putting minimal keywords that are acceptable initially and then perhaps enhancing the keywords later. Just a thought.
  5. It takes time and diligence to create a portfolio that will yield results through good months and weak months. If you're not Yuri or one of the people that does nothing but take the setup photos with models, (that by the way are gorgeous and beautifully rendered) I'd say the expectation for a reasonable portfolio might be to average one download per month per photo. Doing the math, for a porfolio of 1000 images, that's .30 * 1000 or $300/month. Just my two cents.
  6. Congrats on 500. What sort of monthly sales have you seen from your current set of videos? -Alan
  7. Is it my imagination or is the review time on footage slowing to a crawl? I have over 60 put BACK on the queue to be reviewed) again after being approved but running at 1000 fps) and it's been since Wednesday that they've sat there. I can't imagine that the footage at the top of the review list are taking 4 days are they? Also: Still waiting to hear back from an ADMIN about the .wmv at 1000 fps issue that's been occuring since March. Regardless of whether .wmv is good, bad, or ugly, if it's an accepted format on SHUTTER, it ought to work correct. A note from the admin team saying that it's
  8. Admins: this has been a known issue with the SHUTTER server conversion of .wmv files since back in March. Is anyone trying to fix this? Alan
  9. Hi, I have a windows movie format .wmv that I created at 1440 x 1090 at 29.97 fps that was uploaded to your site via FTP and approved. That part worked great. Once the approval process occurred on your servers, the video ended up at 1000 FPS. Here is the URL for you to see for yourself: http://footage.shutterstock.com/video.html?id=58123 The same thing happened to all of the High Def videos I submitted and that were approved. Something is happening in the process on the Shutterstock server side that is converting the videos to 1000 frames per second. This same thing happened to anoth
  10. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=3593875
  11. justasc

    Deleted Images

    Following up on the Shutterstock admin's 'we're sorry to have deleted your top image' issue. I resubmitted, noting the glitch in the notes section, and the image was rejected. While it isn't an incredible image, it's not terrible and had been on the site for about 3 years and was definitely on the first page of the most popular for categories it belonged to. Being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I don't think it's a stretch to conceive of a little program that ran one day this week on the Shutter server that blew out the top selling image of lots of contributors. After all, Shutter
  12. justasc

    Deleted Images

    I had my number one downloaded image deleted as well by this "glitch". Sounds like this has happened to alot of people. Shutterstock admins: this is what backups are for. When there's a "glitch" on your servers that actually deletes or removes data and you know it's impacted many people, simply having photographers reupload isn't the solution. You need to put the data and images back. Number one images don't become that way overnight. A re-submitted image might make it back to the most popular list, but probably not. It's unacceptable to simply tell photographers to reupload when thi
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