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  1. ELI5 I'm a level 6 contributor. Can someone please briefly explain how I still get many 10c commissions? Does this mean that even at top level, if a customer has a large image/month subscription that even level 6 could be as little as 10c? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks Firn. I'm familiar with the process, but it can be so time consuming when the infringement includes so many graphics. Need to go through them all and 'prove' you are original artist. From my experience, someone from SS will take a look at see where we are coming from.
  3. Edit: Adding more copyright infringers as I find them. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Dendi+Ismi+Sofyan https://www.shutterstock.com/g/rabbisk Loads of my content in there along with some of you I know too. Hope this can get closed ASAP.
  4. Shutterstock front page search results for 'ball ramp".
  5. Do not get me wrong, I love Shutterstock and have been a customer and contributor since day 1! Actually, customer service back when I started was emails to Mr Origer himself. Understandably, Jon and myself grew apart over the years . Jon became NY's first tech billionaire, while I stuck with publishing and held out for something better. Any day now. Come on! But..science textbook publishing deadline is tomorrow and I don't have time to search for a 'carousel' with these results on front page...Search not usable for me right now.
  6. I really appreciate hearing everyones feedback. Many people have commented on possible reasons, or suggested alternative ways to search. If, for example searching for 'tree casting shadow' rather than 'tree shadow' is a better way to search, the displayed results will omit any contributors that did not use the word 'casing' and therefore drastically reduce the diversity of images. Tree Shadow - 6,906 images Tree Casting Shadow - 51 images I tell you...search is broken. I may not represent the average customer. I am a textbook publisher and have a deadline on Monday. Today, I ha
  7. Many thanks Duncan Andison. I'll switch to commas from now. Still quite an obvious bug, especially when (for boy sun shadow) there are 9500 results pages, but 20 of the top 100 are the same boy eating watermelon. Edit...sorry, it's a definite bug or at least I REALLY hope it is. See below for a search only on the single term shadow.
  8. Many thanks for the insight Evelyn. Its just that we have chosen shutterstock for years because of the good search results even when slightly more expensive than other options. Now it's just impossible to find anything. Check out a search for 'light bulb' with just letters. Or 'shadow boy sun' - with 95 pages of results the front page has this...
  9. It's been going on for a while now. I have contacted shutterstock about this a couple of times, but its really starting to affect workflow now. I've even had to resort to search on other sites, screen capping and doing a similar image search on SS to purchase. Fingers crossed we don't have to leave at the end of this subscription.
  10. I am a very active contributor and also buyer on Shutterstock. Over the past few months I have noted big changes in SS search results. Often the front page is 90% 1 style of image or sometimes 90% from only 1 or 2 contributors. I've used Shutterstock for textbook publications for 10 years, but the search now is really not representative of what's on the site. Wondering if this is a known bug, or is likely to remain? See this screen shot for 'tree shadow' on SS and 'another' site for comparison.... I am searching by 'most relevant' and 'photos' with no other filters. Also tried Firef
  11. I asked customer service why the new vectors on SS are so large. The response was, "we're providing the original size that was submitted to us by the individual contributor". With regards to the large file sizes being too processor-intensive to edit, I was told "...there may be resources that you can find online where you can make a vector image smaller (Adobe forums or help sites may have some tips regarding this)."
  12. Apart from no uploading a month, I decided to download some complex vectors from other contributors to test the usability. The files are so slow to edit, ungroup, resize etc that they are practically useless. This is pure madness.
  13. Hi Jeff, are you able to share the reason for the 4MP EPS file though? If the problem is that the SS programmers do not know how to script the resizing of an EPS and rendering of 25 megapixel jpg, please message me and I will provide you the script for free.
  14. Way down under in Australia we are using mobile broadband which starts at $30 for 20GB. Why would you want to upload/download 100MB EPS files that should be 1MB? Let alone the unnecessary CPU usage etc. Strangest decision I have even seen in the industry. Absolutely mind-boggling.
  15. I am not able to create 4MP EPS so will also take a step back from SS and focus on other sites for the time being. I'll also cancel my subscription on principle and move to another site to source images.
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